How Rossum is Making Life Easier For AP Teams

Manual accounts payable processes can be inefficient and tedious, making it difficult to stay on top of payments and reimbursements. Rossum’s patented intelligent document processing (IDP) simplifies workflows, enabling AP departments to quickly and easily streamline incoming invoices and other documents.

Our cloud platform uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities, which allow it to process all types of documents with speed and precision. With Rossum, employees can automate various manual tasks, such as data entry and data extraction, and focus on more important (and interesting) activities like budget monitoring, forecasting, and fraud prevention.

Discover how Rossum makes life easier for AP teams across industries – from improved accuracy to time savings and everything in between.

Automated data collection

Our sophisticated data capture solution makes accounts payable more efficient by automatically collecting information from documents so that it can be quickly and accurately read and stored in a secure digital database with ease.

Automated data collection eliminates tedious manual tasks such as data entry, reducing errors while allowing AP teams to work on higher-value tasks.

Streamlined validation

Automating data validation is critical for preventing rogue payments, detecting fraud, and ensuring accuracy. Rossum streamlines validation workflows by reducing human effort to check and validate data capture results. It also dramatically reduces review times per document while simultaneously improving the data capture process.

Land Securities Group (Landsec), a UK real estate company, saved 92% of time spent on data capture and validation by leveraging Rossum’s fast learning and flexible AI.

Paperless workflows

With a cloud document platform, AP departments don’t have to rely on paper copies of invoices or reports, which are time-consuming to handle physically and take up large amounts of physical storage space. All the necessary information is immediately accessible in the digital database for easy reference and retrieval whenever needed.

Faster payments

IDP automates many accounts payable processes, allowing businesses to have faster turnaround times when approving payments and sending out money orders, checks, or electronic transfers—all without having to manually locate files or process paperwork. As a result, AP teams can get early payment discounts and improve supply chain relationships.

Time and cost savings

Since Rossum powers the entire document lifecycle, finance & accounting departments spend less time processing invoices, validating data, managing documents, tracking down missing details, following up with vendors — the list goes on!

These productivity gains translate into cost reductions and greater efficiency across the board, which ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction levels.

Improved security protections

Security and trust have never been more important, especially when it comes to sensitive information like financial documents. Rossum safeguards AP documents with state-of-the-art encryption, while our comprehensive set of security policies, procedures, and controls provide an extra layer of data and privacy protection.

Increased transparency and compliance

Our single end-to-end platform increases transparency within a business much better than traditional methods by allowing AP teams to see their entire document operation all in a centralized hub. 

We also regularly update our policies in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other applicable privacy laws and industry standards to ensure compliance.

Empower your team with intelligent document processing

IDP is an accurate, flexible, and scalable solution that’s revolutionizing how accounts payable operate. By equipping your employees with automated tools to capture, process, and manage invoices and other documents, Rossum streamlines AP workflows while freeing up resources for more profitable activities.

Transform your document processes from slow and error-prone to efficient and accurate with the most innovative technology. Get your free trial of Rossum now to make life easier for your AP team.

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