Rossum’s Impact on the Logistics and Transportation Industries

The logistics and transportation industries are complex and ever-evolving. With the rapid growth of eCommerce and globalization, new solutions are needed to manage high volumes of documents related to customs clearance, delivery tracking, scheduling, invoicing, and more. 

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is a ground-breaking AI technology created by Rossum that’s revolutionizing logistics and transportation by expediting, organizing, and verifying critical documents. Discover Rossum’s impact on the logistics and transportation industries, from increasing efficiency and accuracy to improving security and compliance.

Automated document workflows

IDP automates data entry and processing for invoices, bills of lading, proof of delivery, and other documents. This flexible document solution automatically captures data and streamlines validation, improving accuracy and reducing the need for manual input from employees.

With IDP technology, organizations can eliminate tedious and error-prone manual tasks, slashing processing times and mistakes. See how PortPro, a transportation management system provider, used Rossum to automate delivery order documents and save up to 94% of the time on processing.

Increased data security

With the rise of hacks and scams, the logistics and transportation industries must be proactive with data security. Rossum helps safeguard documents from accidental or intentional misuse by maintaining up-to-date security, privacy, and compliance standards. 

Our IDP platform also features access controls and defense systems to ensure the appropriate confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Streamlined procurement process

Rossum makes it easy to analyze vendor data on purchase orders, invoices, and other documents. With an automated solution, you can quickly extract supplier information and validate data, streamlining the procurement process across multiple vendors.

It also ensures decisions made are based on reliable data so that costs are well managed throughout the entire purchase process.

Improved visibility and tracking

Companies can leverage Rossum’s built-in reporting to gain a better understanding of their document operations. By gathering data from multiple sources, such as warehouses, carriers, and docks, businesses can track their shipments in real-time, which puts an end to guesswork and eliminates delays caused by incomplete information or human error.

Simplified compliance

The ever-increasing regulatory requirements in the logistics and transportation industries make compliance management particularly challenging. By automating workflows and increasing document security, Rossum enables businesses to manage compliance without hiccups while reducing paperwork handling time.

Enhanced document management

IDP improves document management by automating and optimizing the capture, analysis, and organization of data. Invoices, receipts, contracts, etc., can be quickly processed with high accuracy, reducing manual labor costs, improving access security for sensitive documents, and creating accurate real-time reports for data-driven decision-making.

Cloud accessibility

Hard-copy documents can get lost or damaged, which increases the risk of costly delays and mistakes. Rossum’s secure cloud platform improves document accessibility, allowing employees to quickly locate files anywhere, anytime. This also improves collaboration between different departments regardless of geographical distances and time zones.

Improved customer service

Since Rossum makes document processing fast and precise, customer service teams can spend less time dealing with tedious manual tasks and focus more on providing a better customer experience. Additionally, IDP enhances quality assurance efforts by reducing human errors, quickly detecting incorrect information, and resolving issues in an efficient manner.

Greener operations

Document processes have traditionally been paper-based, which take up much more resources than digital. Environmental audits are becoming commonplace nowadays, so using cutting-edge technology like IDP helps operations become paperless for greener operations, as well as become more cost-effective due to lower printing, labor, and storage costs.

Rise above your industry with AI document processing

Logistics and transportation are two of the most complicated industries. Huge amounts of paperwork, manual processes, and complexity make it difficult to stay on top of documents in a timely manner.

In today’s landscape of digital transformation and IT advancement, Rossum is transforming communication in the logistics and transportation industries. Our AI-powered document processing not only streamlines processes but also enables more comprehensive analytics for decision-making.

Try intelligent document processing for free to propel your logistics operations into the future and stay ahead of the game.

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