Coupa Inspire: Highlights from the Coupa Procure-to-Pay, Finance and Supply Chain Community

It’s been an exciting past month at Rossum. We launched as a certified Coupa integration, and sponsored Coupa Inspire Americas. An event for the Coupa procure-to-pay community and beyond. After three full days and nights of pitching, networking, and creating amazing relationships, the Rossum team has had time to process the key moments and messages from Coupa Inspire. The following is our take on things…

First, what is Coupa?

Coupa is a leading total spend management platform used by procurement, finance, and supply chain leaders. Their industry leading source-to-pay solution provides business professionals with one platform for all their direct and indirect spend.

Rossum automates the processing and validation of invoices, before transporting them to Coupa via a certified API connection for a seamless flow of data. This saves time, reduces development costs, and eliminates manual effort.

Back to our take on Coupa Inspire Americas…

Coupa keynote – public vs private LLMs

Coupa’s CEO Leagh Turner had some great advice for cutting through the AI hype cycle triggered by Generative AI and LLMs:

“When you’re evaluating an AI vendor, ask them these questions: is their AI public or proprietary? Will your data be used without your permission or will it be secure?”

Leagh Turner also highlighted transparency, “Where did that data come from?” Most vendors will tell you it has come from a public LLM, and that data will have been scraped from the internet. Aside from the unresolved ethical questions over bias, data privacy, and intellectual property, public LLMs also make mistakes. That’s where private LLMs win over public LLMs, as the former are trained on a specific domain to understand context whereas public LLMs don’t have that specialized knowledge. This is good news for Rossum’s customers as we have spent the last few years training our private LLM on millions of annotated transactional documents, to power the market-leading learning speed and accuracy of our advanced AI. It’s one of the reasons we were singled out as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Intelligent Document Processing Software 2023 – 2024. For our customer Adyen, trustworthy automation of financial workflows is within reach: “Rossum achieved a 92.6% accuracy rate after processing only 20 documents. To see the AI learning and instantly getting smarter gives us confidence we can truly deploy AI to automate processes and scale sustainably.”
Marco Favaretti, Financial Controller, Adyen

The last word comes from Leagh, as quoted in Forbes:  

“A solution needs to be trained on the right data, on data that has been ethically sourced. And to provide accurate answers, the data must be trained on large language models specific to a particular domain.” 

Take the AI Challenge

Move aside old AI, here’s Rossum Aurora. We’re so confident that our advanced AI, Rossum Aurora, is unbeatable that we threw down the gauntlet at our booth:

“Experience the power of Rossum!

Send us your invoice and process it in real time now”

The highlight according to Zach Hemmant-Low, Rossum’s Senior VP of Sales, was seeing people from the Coupa procure-to-pay community run over to challenge our AI. This is how Zach tells it: “A CPO came over and says I’d like to test an invoice live. He sends us a document that gets extracted perfectly, before having to ask his team to send another one that should be much harder. Same result…perfect extraction with an incredibly fuzzy invoice.” 

Nothing beats the impact of seeing AI rapidly getting smarter and, with all the hype around AI, it’s exciting to show just how intelligent Rossum is. It caused quite a stir and proves that Rossum is one of the best AI-first, template-free document processing technologies on the market. Our customers definitely think so, Ondrej Beranek, Executive Director at Veolia Support Services, told us: “We tested Rossum Aurora, it was amazing, it got the first invoice 80% correct, then the next 100%. I would never ever change Rossum for anything else.”

Bonding with the Coupa team

Another memorable takeaway for the Rossum team was having the opportunity to build personal relationships within the Coupa procure-to-pay ecosystem. We’re really thrilled to collaborate with Coupa, with the launch of our certified integration bringing together our two powerful platforms to automate financial workflows. We met everyone from current customers like NFI and partners, and engaged in conversations with potential partners and customers alike.

They say, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, well not in this case. We made some amazing contacts and hope to host some Coupa folks back at RossumHQ in Prague. 

Gabbie, our Partner Manager, and Michael, our Pre-sales Engineer, took part in the Coupa community by joining the 5km early morning run on day one, ending the day at Rossum’s Happy Hour at BrewDog overlooking the Las Vegas strip. 

We found the whole event a fantastic experience and that’s why we’re sponsoring Coupa Inspire EMEA on the 4-6 June. We’re looking forward to doing it all over again in Vienna, so get in touch if you’d like to meet up. 

Oh and get your invoices ready to challenge our AI, bring it on, Vienna!

Want to challenge Rossum’s AI and see it learning live?

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