Rossum launches a certified integration to power Coupa invoice processing

Rossum is proud to announce that we are an official Coupa partner with a certified integration to streamline Coupa invoice processing workflows and enhance collaboration between AP teams, suppliers, and their procurement colleagues.

“Who has time to create templates for thousands of different suppliers?” 

Gong call snippet with a Head of AP.

Sound familiar? Ah, the age old problem with templates…

We hear all the time from happy Coupa customers, and their faith is more than rewarded as it is a best-in-class spend management platform. However, getting PDF data into Coupa is still a very manual process as current OCR technology relies on templates. 

The problem with templates is that they require you to train your suppliers on how to submit them, and if they are upside down or skewed the system can’t read them. It also takes time and IT resources to set up templates for each supplier and who has time to do that? So in frustration accounts payable teams revert back to manual data entry. Yet in today’s world of document chaos where the volume, velocity, and variability of invoices are the norm this is no longer scalable or sustainable. You can’t keep throwing AP clerks at the problem and watch them burn out and leave. 

What does streamlining Rossum with Coupa invoice processing mean for your AP team?

The combined power of Coupa and Rossum will bring increased accuracy, faster processing, and reduced manual data entry.

Rossum’s Coupa integration brings AI-powered automation to document processing. Rossum captures data and sends documents like invoices, receipts, and purchase orders to Coupa, and uploads key data such as vendors and purchase orders from Coupa. This minimizes manual work, eliminates entry errors, and speeds up processing. The benefits are straightforward: increased accuracy, time and cost savings, faster document processing, and better data control for trustworthy automation. 

Rossum + Coupa invoice processing

Think of Rossum and Coupa as an elite relay team, where the baton is transactional data, Rossum is the single entry point for transactional documents, the front engine that seamlessly hands over validated information to the next power runner, Coupa. 

The first leg of the relay – explosive acceleration

Rossum workflow

Rossum receives invoices in any format and layout, extracts and instantly sends validated PO and Non-PO invoice data with associated original documents to Coupa. Layout and language agnostic, Rossum is powered by our private LLM trained on millions of annotated transactional documents, to quickly understand invoices. Oops, you’ve fumbled the handover, an invoice with incorrect information, well we’ve thought of that too with a time-saving Gen-AI tool to automate supplier email communication. That way you don’t get slowed down with exception-handling and can smoothly hand the data baton over to Coupa for the next leg of the relay.

How the Coupa-certified integration works

Rossum’s certified integration automating Coupa invoice processing
Enterprise-grade software – Rossum and Coupa invoice processing technical architecture
  • Performs invoice data extraction using next-generation AI which learns without the need for templates.
  • Instantly pushes the extracted and validated real-time data along with a PDF of the original invoice to Coupa.
  • Automatically validates the extracted data by matching it with any master data out-of-the-box. For example: vendor data, purchase order data.
  • Transforms the output data format to the desired format for Coupa integration.
  • Retrieves master data from Coupa’s side on a scheduled basis.

Rossum is an enterprise-grade platform that has customizability built-in and a raft of extensions, giving you the autonomy to configure our platform around your business rules, systems and workflows. 

The advantages of streamlined Rossum and Coupa invoice processing workflows

Save time and money  

Rossum speeds up PDF document processing in Coupa by eliminating manual data entry and automating exception handling utilizing Gen-AI, without you ever having to leave the platform. Freeing your team from mind-numbing manual work to focus on more strategic tasks.

Improved extraction capabilities 

Rossum automatically ingests invoices via multiple input options from email, API, EDI to scans. Next-generation AI extracts invoice information with high accuracy which is validated against Coupa master data for better data control and touchless straight-through processing into Coupa and downstream accounting systems.

Seamless integration and stability 

Rossum’s Coupa-certified integration is tested for bugs and security issues to deliver a hassle-free integration, speeding up time to value and reducing the IT resource required for implementation. In addition, our 99.5% SLA uptime guarantee ensures stability and reduces the number of support tickets.

Rossum and Coupa – the fast track to touchless straight-through processing

Rossum gives you a head start and fast acceleration as it’s easy to set up and gets smarter over time as it learns, seamlessly handing over the baton to Coupa to reach the finish line first. Together, Rossum and Coupa deliver efficient, automated financial workflows.

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