Why Rossum?

Unique AI-first, cloud-native platform providing end-to-end automation of all your transactional documents.

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The only transactional document
automation platform

Invoices, bills of lading, sales orders… Transactional documents are our specialty. We know your use cases inside out and the Rossum platform has been specifically tailored for you and your team.

AI-first and cloud-native

Rossum Aurora, our proprietary transactional LLM, has been trained on millions of transactional documents. With enterprise-grade safety built in, our advanced AI is language agnostic and 100% template free.

  • Proprietary LLM bringing unmatched agility and speed
  • Trained on the market-leading dataset of transactional documents
  • Learns quickly from customer feedback to gain universal document understanding
  • All the advantages of LLMs with none of the hallucinations, cyberattacks, or data leakage

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Validation of data from a tax invoice in Rossum's AI document processing platform.

End-to-end automation

By sitting between the transacting parties, we orchestrate the transactional process end to end. From document understanding to workflows and communication, extensions and integrations, reporting and insights.

  • Integrates with your upstream and downstream systems
  • In-app email & collaboration for faster issue resolution and validation
  • Easy process customization via business rules and extension marketplace
  • Tried & tested turnkey integrations, including SAP, Workday, Coupa, and more

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Usage Report dashboard example on Rossum's AI document processing platform.

We work for with you

We work with humans and technology where they bring the most business value, for maximum return on automation.

  • Ergonomic UI for a seamless collaboration between human and machine
  • Continuously adapts and integrates with your IT system
  • Customizable automations to meet your business needs
  • Team of experts with comprehensive knowledge of your use cases

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Complex line items captured in Rossum's AI document processing platform.

Generating maximum return on automation
for our customers

From commercial businesses to Fortune 500, our customers have one thing in common. The value they get from our transactional document automation solution.


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median customer ROI


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