Rossum solutions:
Supply chain management

Optimize your supply chain from the beginning process to the end with Rossum’s modern cloud-native document processing powered by AI.

Supply chain scaled

Today’s supply chain operations are more complex than ever while at the same time customer and partner expectations have increased substantially. With much of the process dependent on forms and document processing, delays or errors can tremendously impact revenue. Rossum helps your organization overcome these challenges with an end-to-end intelligent document processing platform.

improve customer experiences

Improve customer experiences

Achieve faster turnaround times for key document-based processes like customs clearance or invoicing.

increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Avoid tedious manual data entry and processing activities that can slow you down and cause costly errors.

maintain compliance

Maintain compliance

Maintain proper audit trails and change histories so that your process meets regulatory and stakeholder requirements.

Featured Customer Story

Rohlik relies on Rossum to reduce time spent on document validation

Rossum has processed invoices for Rohlik since 2017. Since then, the company reported EUR 2B turnover in 2019, has surpassed 20,000 orders per day, and has expanded to five European countries. With Rohlik’s growth, Rossum’s solution improved at a similar pace. We allowed the company to keep its financial department lean and flexible while utilizing Rossum, with its AP team staying at its original headcount despite the massive company growth. See the customer story to learn more.

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