Rossum solutions:
Supply chain optimization

Streamline operations, accelerate turnaround, and mitigate risk

Today’s supply chain operations are more complex than ever while at the same time customer and partner expectations have increased substantially. With much of the process dependent on forms and document processing, delays or errors can tremendously impact revenue. Rossum helps your organization overcome these challenges


Improve customer experiences

Achieve faster turnaround times for key document-based processes like customs clearance or invoicing.


Increase efficiency

Avoid manual data entry and processing activities that can slow you down and cause errors.


Maintain compliance

Maintain proper audit trails and change histories so that your process meets regulatory requirements.

“All our invoices are going through Rossum; I can’t imagine our paperless AP process functioning without it.”

Michal Čípa

Information Technology Administrator

Why Rossum for accounts payable document automation?

Traditional solutions have tried to solve document processing challenges for years. Rossum brings a modern, cloud-native, AI-based approach helping you increase automation rates, streamline validation, and simplify operations.


Resilient data capture

Unlike legacy solutions, Rossum maintains high automation rates with a deep learning neural network that extracts data accurately from documents even when layouts change.


Faster validation

With Rossum you can shorten the time involved validating outputs using a modern, ergonomic point-and-click system, avoiding clunky legacy validation interfaces.


Extensible automations

Automate pre- and post-processing without more tools or integration points using native functions, pre-built extensions, and a fully-integrated low-code development platform.


Powerful, open APIs

Rossum's modern, well-documented APIs along with pre-built integrations make connecting to your existing systems much easier than traditional solutions.


Embedded analytics

Rossum ships "out of the box" with a robust insights capability so you can manage and show ROI by drilling into throughput, error rates, and field level accuracy across several dimensions.


Cloud-native architecture

Rossum was purpose-built to harness the power of the public cloud with an architecture that gets you up and running quickly, saves training time, and reduces integration points.

Featured Customer Story

Veolia powers their accounts payable process with Rossum

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