How to make PDF text searchable and more efficient

The versatility and flexibility of PDF have made it the de facto official file format for document sharing and collaboration. However, converting data from PDF invoices into accounting tools can present a challenge. Have you wondered how to make PDF text searchable? In this blog post, we’ll focus on how you can export data from PDFs into spreadsheet programs like MS Excel. How to make PDF text searchable

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Proper data extraction and making PDF text searchable

Did you know your data extraction efforts are useless without proper integration? ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a vital part of your company's data integration strategy. Help your company do more with less effort, such as making PDF text searchable.

How to make PDF text searchable

Document Processing is a field that can be simple or complex. Without template-based documents, Document Processing can look like a web of disconnected, dissimilar documents that appear in many formats with data that must be extracted and analyzed before it can be used. For most businesses, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is the format they will have to deal with most often. 

Depending on how the document was created, where it came from, and the securities it has in place, PDF documents may not have searchable text. This can make the job of Document Processing tediously slow and frustratingly repetitive. 

Businesses that need to make PDF text searchable have several options available to do so. The first question is whether you need to make PDF searchable on Mac computers or if you are willing to make PDF text searchable Adobe documents. For Mac computers, you will probably want to know how to make a PDF searchable in Preview, Apple’s word processing software. To make PDF searchable Mac Preview documents, the process can be complex, and several steps need to be completed. 

Knowing how to make PDF searchable in Adobe can mean creating a new document that contains the same data, but that has been converted into the correct formatting so that Adobe can read the text and make it searchable. 

While understanding how to make a PDF text searchable document may seem daunting, certain tools can make this process easier and more efficient. Data extraction from PDF documents is something that many businesses face, and technologies exist to help these businesses. With an Intelligent Document Processing software like Rossum, the question of “how to make PDF searchable documents” transforms into the question of “how does Rossum process these PDF documents so quickly.” The answer to that question is that Rossum can process PDF documents quickly using Artificial Intelligence capabilities and OCR technology.

Make PDF searchable without Acrobat

While one of the most common methods for how to make PDF searchable in Windows 10 may be the use of Adobe Acrobat tools, there may be times when you or your business requires a method to make PDF searchable without Acrobat. Searching for technologies and tools that can aid in making PDF documents searchable will often result in recommendations to make PDF searchable Acrobat documents. 

Finding a tool that is not Adobe Acrobat can be difficult. There are a few tools that exist to make PDF searchable online documents. These tools work by having you upload the PDF document into an online portal, and then the site converts the document into searchable text.

Sometimes, you may require a tool that is not based on the internet. Learning how to make PDF searchable offline documents can be more complex, but there are ways to do this. The first option is to decide whether you can use an application for this process. If using an application, searching for a “make PDF searchable app” can be an easy way to research the choices available to you.

Businesses that use Mac computers require different tools to make PDF searchable documents. To make PDF searchable Mac documents, you could use similar tools as those used on the Windows platform, or you can use applications specifically designed for Mac users. Preview is a word processing application for Mac computers, and choosing to make PDF searchable Preview documents is an option for data extraction.

Convert PDF to searchable PDF online

Making PDF searchable documents can be a helpful way to improve the data extraction process for businesses that handle this format of documents. Converting an existing PDF file into a searchable PDF is a task that can be performed using various tools. To convert PDF to searchable PDF online, you can use several different websites designed to do this. The only problem with these sites is that they may not be capable of converting large amounts of files. There is another way to make PDF searchable: I Love PDF apps. These apps are online tools that use OCR technology to read the text in PDF files. 

With Adobe Acrobat, it is easy to convert PDF to searchable PDF Adobe documents. This tool is one of the simplest ways to make PDF documents searchable, and it can convert Excel to searchable PDF files. To convert Excel sheets into searchable PDF files, Adobe Acrobat can export the data and formatting of the Excel sheet and turn it into a searchable PDF file. As with online options, Adobe tools may not work well when converting large numbers of documents. For businesses interested in converting hundreds of PDF files into searchable documents for data extraction, an AI-powered OCR software like Rossum might be a better choice.

How to make PDF text searchable in Adobe

Data extraction from PDF documents can be time-consuming. Knowing how to make PDF text searchable in Adobe can be helpful, but a tool that can automatically recognize text in PDF files is better. Rossum is a tool that knows how to make PDF searchable in Windows 10 and Mac platforms so businesses can focus on getting to the data rather than finding tools to convert a file from one format to another. 

Some businesses want to know how to make a PDF searchable in BlueBeam. The tool for this process is called Revu. This platform allows users to search PDF documents using text or visual search options. This is one way to make PDF searchable online. Another solution that can be found online is to use the tool from Adobe to make PDF searchable. Adobe Acrobat DC is a program that can easily convert PDF files into searchable PDFs so that text and data extraction are smooth processes. While Adobe and Revu are realistic options for individuals and small businesses, large companies that handle hundreds of documents regularly should consider a platform like Rossum that can automatically extract data from PDFs without needing file conversions.

Make PDF text searchable online

Searchable PDF documents are helpful for data extraction and research, but many PDF files have text that cannot be searched. This is why there are tools to convert PDFs into searchable PDF files. To make PDF searchable Adobe documents, Adobe Acrobat can be used as long as you have access to the service through a subscription. PDF to searchable PDF converter free download tools are available but may not be secure, which is true for any make PDF searchable free tools. It is always beneficial to ask why the tool is free to use. The answer may not be what you want to hear, but security is always vital to a business.

Some tools are available online that can make PDF searchable. I Love PDF is a tool that can reliably search through PDF files. Some other programs can extract text from PDF files and convert them to different formats such as Excel spreadsheets. OCR searchable PDF tools can be the most efficient way to extract data from these files. Rossum is an OCR data extraction tool that can make PDF text searchable.

How to make a PDF text searchable in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Knowing how to make a PDF text searchable Adobe Acrobat Pro DC file is one way to convert PDF to searchable PDF Adobe files. This method can recognize text in PDF documents through OCR technology. If you or your business has access to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC through a subscription, then you can use their tools to understand how to make PDF text searchable. When looking online for a tool for how to make PDF searchable in Windows 10, Adobe Acrobat will be one of the most common results. 

What is a searchable PDF document? Simply put, it is a digital document with readable text that can be searched for using a tool. This capability allows employees to extract data quickly and with less manual effort than would be required with PDF documents that cannot be searched. Businesses that are looking for a simple tool to make PDF searchable online can find various options that may work for their needs. There are times, however, when a business needs to extract or convert PDF text. To extract text from PDF online, there are websites and programs that can perform this task. After uploading a PDF file, the site will be able to extract the text into a raw, digital text format. Other options include PDF to Word text converter tools. These programs and sites can convert the text from PDF files into editable Microsoft Word documents.

Convert PDF to readable text online

Businesses that need to extract data from PDF files may choose to convert PDF to readable text online. An image-to-text converter can read a scanned PDF or image file and convert the text into an editable format with OCR technology. The simplest tools can copy text from PDF online so that employees do not have to do this manually. Some PDF documents will need to be converted from PDF to Word files. If the goal is to edit the text from the PDF document or even just copy it, converting a PDF into a Microsoft Word document can make that process much easier.

Converting a PDF image to text can be done using online sites and programs, but a PDF to text converter download may be a more capable tool. 

Rossum is a centralized platform that can be implemented in one day, and that can convert PDF files into editable digital text. Unlike many other downloadable PDF converter tools, Rossum is a secure platform that automatically extracts data from PDFs.

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