Data capture methods 101 with Rossum

An Alternative to Template-Based OCR

Modern businesses have already realized that template-based OCR is outdated and requires too much time to set up and even maintain. Because they want to keep their business as efficient as possible, they have started looking into alternatives to this method of data capture.

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AI-Powered OCR

The most advanced technology for data capture today is artificial intelligence. An AI-powered solution solves the issue of high costs and set up times. It is flexible, easily trainable, and customizable.

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How AI OCR Works

Companies can struggle to understand how AI OCR will benefit them and how this data capture method works. That's why we have set out to help clear it up for you.

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Intelligent Document Processing with Rossum

Many companies, including BPOs and SSCs, are adopting intelligent document processing (IDP) to increase operational efficiencies, savings, and customer satisfaction. Intelligent Document Processing enables companies to transfer document processing from a cost centre to a profit centre.

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Cognitive Data Capture

Rossum’s AI experts have come up with their own unique approach - cognitive data capture. Rossum mimics the way a human would approach extracting data from a document - Rossum sees documents the way a human brain does.

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Data Entry Championship

Because we understand that some companies might still be hesitant to transfer to another data capture method, we let a Data Entry Specialist doing manual data entry compete against an AI Associate who uses an AI-powered data entry solution. The results are huge!

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Efficient Remote Teams

Because of the pandemic, many companies had to change the way they do business. Even though most already made some adjustments, there are still challenges they have to face. Automated data capture gives an opportunity to improve efficiency for teams like accounts payable, procurement, and logistics.

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