8 Advantages of IDP Automation for Business Services

From customer onboarding to invoicing to lead management, getting documents right for your business services is essential. And yet all too often, manual processes still exist that waste time, increase costs, and make errors more likely.

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is a powerful automation solution that speeds up document workflows while reducing costs and errors. In this article, we’ll discuss the drawbacks of manual processes and how IDP can take your business services to a whole new level.

The drawbacks of manual processes

Data entry is one of the most important tasks in any business. It’s also the most time-consuming, tedious task that many organizations fail to resolve properly. Even if done carefully, manual document processing can create substantial gaps in accuracy.

It’s often responsible for causing a range of problems, such as mistakes, delays, increased costs, lengthy work hours, and security issues. To remain competitive and efficient with increasing volumes of information, business services switch to an accurate, scalable IDP platform to maximize their productivity while reducing errors.

Elevate your business services with IDP

Intelligent document processing is an automated technology that allows organizations to capture and process information from documents quickly and accurately. Here’s a look at the key benefits of IDP for the professional services industry:

1. Automate routine tasks

IDP provides businesses with the ability to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, such as document management and organization. This technology can quickly sort through large volumes of data and extract relevant information from documents in seconds. 

By leveraging AI-based technologies, businesses are able to streamline their workflow and save time that can be redirected toward enhancing customer service.

2. Increase efficiency

Document automation also allows companies to reduce administrative costs associated with manual processing. IDP allows businesses to generate digital records that are easily searchable, organized, and trackable, thereby increasing efficiency and simplifying workflows.

[See how KROS, a Slovakian software company, slashed document processing times by 93% with Rossum’s IDP solution.]

3. Enhance accuracy

Accuracy is a crucial part of any document processing system. Inaccuracies have a considerable impact on business performance and service standards if not monitored correctly. 

Our platform uses AI and machine learning technologies to enhance accuracy by performing checks for errors in syntax, structure, and more during the extraction process, ensuring reliable data results every time.

4. Cost savings 

IDP plays a role in cost savings for companies, enabling them to prioritize efforts on higher-value activities. This helps drive revenue by reducing operational expenses associated with manual tasks completed by human employees, who usually spend countless hours performing these tedious jobs over having it all done automatically with minimal effort.

5. Productivity gains

Increased productivity comes naturally with IDP as teams don’t waste energy on “busy work.” With time freed up, they can focus more effectively on projects which require greater skill sets, leading to higher ROI results than ever before possible using traditional manual methods alone.

6. Strengthen data security

Through the use of machine learning algorithms, IDP can improve data security by automatically recognizing unauthorized access attempts in real time. This prevents hackers from infiltrating systems with malicious intent while also providing automated detection of sensitive content that needs to remain protected at all times.

7. Improve customer service

Businesses rely heavily on customer service operations for growth. Using an IDP solution to manage client information allows your employees to respond quickly to inquiries within minutes instead of days or hours, resulting in improved customer service levels overall.

Plus, you have the option to allow customers to conveniently access documents online in a secure environment. As a result, customers feel valued, which creates better relationships and more sales opportunities down the line.

8. Access real-time insights

For any business, data is key. Individual files might contain important information related to past trends or industry insights that can prove invaluable when used correctly. 

IDP provides real-time insights drawn from extracted information, helping decision-makers identify opportunities they may otherwise have missed out on due to outdated reporting methods that take up too much time.

Lead your industry with the most accurate IDP

Manual processes are time-consuming and can cause all sorts of costly mistakes. With intelligent document processing, your business can significantly increase efficiency, improve customer service, and gain a competitive edge. However, not all IDP providers are the same when it comes to accuracy and scalability.

Rossum’s AI-powered platform enables business services to eliminate tedious manual tasks, reduce errors, and accelerate workflows, regardless of how much information flows in and out. Try it for free now to see what the most innovative IDP technology can do for your company.

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