Rossum for Business Services & BPOs

Improve business processes, turnaround times, and employee satisfaction with Rossum’s modern cloud-native document processing powered by AI.

Business services & BPOs

Flexibility and less manual work is crucial for the professional services industry. The challenge is a significant amount of work is still focused on manual data entry. Rossum solves this by providing an end-to-end solution to help you focus less on manual work and more on what drives your business forward: your clients.

streamline processes

Streamline processes

Free up resources to focus on more value-added tasks by minimizing manual data entry work and creating better processes across the organization.

accelerated turnaround

Accelerate turnaround

Avoid costly deliberation between you and your partners by turning around key documents faster and with a much higher level of accuracy.

increase employee satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction

Automate repetitive tasks and remove most human involvement in document processing to strengthen workforce productivity and accuracy.

Example Use Cases

Featured Customer Story

How Kros uses Rossum to slash document processing times by 93%

KROS selected Rossum as its partner of choice for several reasons: the ability to process documents in multiple languages, user-friendly validation interface, and smoothly integrate sensitive data into KROS’ own software in a compliant way and according to all legal regulations. The impact was substantial — read the customer story to learn more.

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