Automation, Unleashed: Q4 Rossum Product Launch

In Rossum’s previous product launches, we always talked about how we help our customers automate their document communication, saving the effort associated with manual processing.

The biggest challenge? Business transactions are often hiding within the documents that we need to capture data from consistently – even though every one of them looks different.

In this product launch, Rossum comes back to its most core capability, automating document data capture – and some of the most prominent challenges in this process.

The myth of 100% automation

At Rossum, we talked to hundreds of companies to identify their key pain points:

Companies want automation.

They want to archive it easily and quickly.

They want to be in control of automation.

For a company wanting to achieve 100% automation, the traditional answer to these challenges is the promise by a conventional data capture vendor to provide total automation, delivered as a full service.

However, 100% automation is impossible in the real world. Even two people talking to each other might not always understand each other and manage to resolve misunderstandings. This is why having a cognitive AI-driven solution matters.

Any high automation solution must be agile and highly adaptable.

On Thursday, December 2nd Rossum revealed multiple product updates that are changing the game for fully automated document data capture. A very special guest also joined us for an audience discussion about the challenges that stand in the way of 100% transaction automation.

Here are a couple of things that we released this quarter:

  • Instant learning automates every document from the same vendor. Rossum AI only needs to know how to handle the first one.
  • Line item automation that is as powerful as it is for the regular fields in terms of learning and level of control.

What does it mean for our clients?

It lets our data capture AI adapt to documents automatically, enable an easy and low-effort automation setup that’s entirely self-service, and keep users in full control even when each document is not validated manually.

Easy and low-effort automation setup that’s entirely self-service.

  • No deep technical knowledge or Rossum services required
  • Reduces error rate by 33% on average
  • The AI improves immediately after correction – even on complex tables with nested items

Users are always in complete control.

  • Even when each document is not validated manually
  • Complete control of automation conditions and their behavior
  • Data reports with actionable insights available in real-time

Here are some of the highlights from our product launch event:

  • At Rossum, we talk to hundreds of companies looking to automate their document processing.
    “They all want to maximize their automation rates and do it fast. They also want to stay in control of the automation and retain the ability to tweak and optimize automation for their unique circumstances.”
  • The top challenges of automation
    “Easy, low-effort setup; full control over automation behavior, fast ramp-up time for automation.”
  • 100% automation is impossible in the real world
    The world is complex and filled with exceptions to the rules. For us, that means that any high automation solution must be agile and highly adaptable to avoid those pitfalls. And this is why AI matters, and having a cognitive data capture solution matters.”
  • Ondrej Beranek: “For our team, document automation helped rebuild the process altogether.
    We went from paper everything to being almost entirely digital. But it was a painful process, and it took a while to persuade people, especially in our sector, that it’s worth it. In the Czech Republic alone, we have over 60 000 suppliers, which in practice means dealing with 60 000 types of invoices.”
  • On the topic of Hyperautomation
    “Hyperautomation is an analyst term describing a single vendor capable of providing full-stack automation tasks for process automation. Rossum is all about business communication, so for us, hyperautomation means providing a full-stack solution for companies exchanging documents to execute business transactions. This thinking is fueling everything Rossum has been doing over the past few months.”
  • On the future of e-invoicing
    “The exciting thing here is about blurring the lines between EDI and digitally- or machine-readable information from PDFs and document scans. The EDI solution has been around for years and adoption is still pretty low. This is why we are focusing on automating the onboarding process itself. At Rossum, our mission is to automate document communication rather than just being an intelligent document processing vendor. ”

“With data capture errors close to zero, I appreciate Rossum’s invoice processing because there’s no need for paperwork. It’s an elegant, fast and flexible solution.”

Lubomir Slaby, 
CFO at Sapeli

“Rossum remembers all our corrections; that’s fantastic! We were quick to process a very high percentage of our sales orders in the solution.”

Amy Rybicki, 
Business Process Improvements Manager at Morton Salt

“Rossum learns quickly, and the ratio of automated invoices grows monthly.
It is a crucial component of our SAP-based end-to-end automation solution.”

Tomasz Pajak, 
Project lead at Kingfisher

Watch the complete Rossum Launch: Q4 2021 below and see the keynote, live demo, and expert panel.

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