Discovering AI Solutions at BoxWorks

We recently had the pleasure of speaking about Rossum’s cognitive invoice data capture solution at BoxWorks 2018. We were in the company of many other brilliant minds who have developed new technology to improve business processes. In this blog we will discuss the other AI companies who were invited to speak at BoxWorks in the “Discover AI for…” presentation series. From capturing data from contracts, invoices, images, HR, leases, contact center calls, IDs, these companies are breaking the barriers when it comes to the daily use of AI.

Discover AI for Invoices: Rossum
Rossum’s cognitive data capture solution works on a wide variety of invoices just out of the box. We dare to say this service is revolutionary because it works without any manually set up extraction rules or templates thanks to our deep learning technology. Learn more by checking out our full presentation slides.

Discover AI for Images:
Hive operates a distributed data labeling and prediction platform, which processes 10M+ tags each day. They work on solving visual intelligence problems through three main pillars of the business: Hive Data, Hive Predict, and Hive Enterprise. They are already in industries such as media, security, auto and retail with their AI solution. We think it’s absolutely correct how they emphasize building a proper data set for your problem just as much as the AI prediction itself.

Discover AI for Calls: VoiceBase
VoiceBase develops speech analytics for the cloud. They train custom predictive models to spot complex events and predict future customer behavior. They use surface keywords and topics from recordings to provide auto notes which can be scanned or used to drill-down into content. Automated speech recognition (ASR) platform utilizes deep learning neural networks to best determine ‘what was said’. We love their compliance features, for example automatically identifying and erasing personal data from the voice recordings kept for analysis.

Discover AI for IDs: Acuant
Acuant’s artificial intelligence captures documents, authenticates IDs, and verifies identities. They make up the industry’s largest Identity Document library with over 6000 global documents including driver’s license, state IDs, national IDs, military IDs, voter cards, resident cards, visas, passports, and border crossing cards. That’s a pretty impressive breadth!

Discover AI for HR: Textkernel
Textkernel offers multilingual CV parsing and semantic search tools. Together with their solutions for sourcing, lead generation, matching, and labour market statistics, they work to match supply with demand on the jobs market.

Discover AI for Leases: Leverton
Leverton’s platform manages the data within business documents. They work with real estate documents (leases, purchase sale agreements, title insurance documents), financial documents (credit agreements, mortgage documents, loan agreements) and other documents (employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements). Unlike Rossum’s layout-centric technology, Leverton focuses on extracting information from long texts – an equally important niche!

Discover AI for Contracts: eBrevia
eBrevia also uses artificial intelligence, including machine learning and NLP (natural language processing) technology to analyze long-text business documents. Their product was developed in partnership with Columbia University and extracts data from contracts to help solve contract analysis, due diligence, and lease abstraction. Their product line emphasizes speeding up humans through highly intelligent assistance, rather than replacing the operator completely. This is the same way of thinking as we employed when building our solution, an approach we deeply believe in.

Other Use Cases
Quite a few other uses of AI-based Box Skills were talked about at BoxWorks. In the same session, Deloitte presented their client on-boarding process enhanced by cognitive Box Skills components for KYC document capture (such as ID cards). Meanwhile, Microsoft Cognitive Services Box Skills interface was presented by Microsoft, including improved OCR, object detection for computer vision and speech services. IBM Watson is also active in the Box Skills ecosystem.

Box: Looking forward
Our market lives in a paradox – while consumer based services rapidly gain new breathtaking capabilities, it is traditionally way trickier to employ new advances in artificial intelligence within business. From riskier solution R&D, to inertia and compliance issues, the friction is pretty pervasive. But Box could be one of the forward-looking platforms bringing a change of weather. It certainly is in a great place to eliminate most of the traditional friction. That’s why we can’t wait for Box Skills to be released from beta, and perhaps become one of the first wide-ranging AI technology enablers for business and enterprise.

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