Rossum for Government

Quickly and efficiently assist your citizens and accomplish your mission through Rossum's modern cloud-native document processing powered by AI.

Government offices are known to slowly process the thousands of documents they receive daily. Slow queue times, overworked employees, and a backlog of documents to process are a challenge. Rossum's intelligent document processing is the solution to minimize the time spent manually processing documents.

Improve queue times

Process the documents your citizens need in a fraction of the time and decrease the stigma of long waits at government offices.

Streamline validation

Greatly reduce the amount of errors on government documents with AI that can ensure documents are processed accurately.

Automate manual work

Boost employee happiness by automating boring, necessary manual work through intelligent document processing.

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Easily Process Government Documents with IDP

At a time when government agencies are under immense pressure to do more with less, many are looking to artificial intelligence and intelligent document processing (IDP) to help streamline workflows and reduce costs. Learn how to help your agency in this blog.

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