Easily Process Government Documents with IDP

At a time when government agencies are under immense pressure to do more with less, many are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent document processing (IDP) to help streamline workflows and reduce costs. Automation in government can also make citizens much happier by receiving their documents faster. 

By creating government workflow automation, repetitive tasks can be reduced, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic, creative work. In addition, IDP can help with tight budgets by automating tedious tasks and enhancing mission-critical capabilities. The combination of AI and government creates more efficient operations, smarter policies, and a better ability to meet citizen demands.

There are many benefits that government agencies can reap by implementing IDP into their existing workflows. From enhancing paperwork processing and improving time management to automating repetitive tasks and increasing productivity levels, IDP has the potential to transform the way government agencies operate. 

With budget constraints likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future, now is the perfect time for government agencies to explore how IDP can help them meet their goals. By creating government workflow automation, more work can be accomplished in less time!

A crucial part of a well-oiled public sector is to ensure all government documents and official services are processed quickly and without errors. For example, there are some specific ways in which accounts payable (AP) government required documents can be enhanced by IDP, including invoice handling, paperwork processing, and time management. 

Invoice Handling

One area where government agencies can benefit greatly from IDP is invoice handling. IDP can automate the task of sorting invoices by vendor, date, amount, etc., thereby reducing the amount of time employees have to spend on this mundane task. In addition, IDP can help identify errors and discrepancies in invoices, which can lead to significant cost savings for the organization. By streamlining invoice processing, IDP can help government agencies improve budget allocations.

Paperwork Processing

Another area where IDP can be of benefit is in the processing of paperwork. IDP can automate the task of data entry for paper forms, helping government agencies to reduce the amount of time and money spent on this manual process. IDP can capture, extract, analyze and process physical or digital documents, reducing your workload and increasing your productivity. Ensuring that all required information is captured on forms, IDP can help reduce errors and improve compliance. 

Time Management

IDP can also help government agencies manage their time more efficiently. For example, IDP can free up valuable time that would otherwise be spent on tedious but necessary tasks. With faster document retrieval, increased accuracy and less human intervention, employees’ time can be freed to focus on more critical mission-oriented tasks.

How Rossum Can Help

Rossum is a modern cloud-native document processing solution designed to help busy professionals automate document workflows. Rossum helps you boost efficiency, increase revenue and mitigate risk with an end-to-end intelligent document processing (IDP) platform for automating the entire document lifecycle. 

Rossum’s deep learning engine ‘reads’ documents much like a human and is more resilient to layout changes. Rossum also has a modern interface that streamlines human efforts when needed to validate results. 

Rossum differentiates itself with its ability to handle various types of documents, from simple forms to complex contracts. Rossum reads the documents that other providers can’t. Quickly integrated into any existing system, Rossum is a valuable solution for any government agency. 


In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, IDP can be a valuable tool for government agencies looking to streamline their workflows and improve efficiency. By automating repetitive tasks, IDP can help government employees focus on more important work, leading to better policy decisions and happier citizens. 

IDP is an intelligent document processing software that helps organizations automate their workflows. IDP can capture data from paper documents, process invoices, manage time efficiently, and more. IDP is the perfect solution for government agencies looking to improve their efficiency and save time. Learn more about IDP today!

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