Rossum for Financial Services

Streamline your operation with the DocOS

Financial services firms are under increasing pressure to meet regulatory requirements, service a digitally native customer base, and innovate against pure-play competitors. Yet even in today's digital world there is an incredible amount of manual work processing documents. Rossum’s end-to-end platform helps you eliminate this tedious effort and take your documents from start to finish, fast.

A complete solution for financial services document automation

Rossum is a modern, cloud native IDP solution that helps you minimize the manual work your organization spends processing documents.


Simplify ingestion

Eliminate time spent working with documents before passing them into your data capture system: dedupe, sort, and send followups back to senders without any manual intervention.


Flexible data capture

Avoid manual rework or having to wait for new templates or business rules to be created anytime something changes with a resilient data capture system that adapts to changes in document layouts automatically.


Streamline validation

Reduce the time involved validating data capture outputs with an ergonomic point-and-click system. Avoid legacy interfaces and instead quickly move through your process with speed and confidence.


Automate manual work

Automate tasks never-before possible with a data capture tool with native functionality, an extension marketplace, and a fully-integrated serverless low-code platform where you can extend your own functionality directly on the platform.


Easily integrate

Built natively for the cloud, Rossum brings an open, well documented APIs system that makes integrations with your existing systems a snap.


Reduce time to value

Get up and running fast on a turnkey cloud platform. Rossum's deep learning begins adapting to your documents within the first few uploads.

"With Rossum, we see impact early on: from reducing overhead costs to increasing the speed of commercial transactions and significantly reducing the risk of exposure. The solution has a positive influence on both internal users and our clients."

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Straight bill of lading
Customs declaration
Cargo insurance form
Bill of lading
Test certificate
Air cargo manifest
Air loading plan
Air waybill

Auto lift inspection
Bill of entry
Bill of exchange
Buyer's order
Certificate of analysis
Certificate of origin
CMR document
Company vehicle inspection checklist
Consignment note

Consignment report
Customs road freight manifest
Dangerous goods declaration
Delivery docket
Delivery note
Delivery order
Delivery receipt
Delivery rejection notice
Dock receipt
Driver's vehicle inspection report
Event logistics form

Export declaration form
Finished product specifications
Fumigation certificate
Goods received note
Importer security filing
Inspection certificate
Inventory consignment agreement
Inward cargo manifest
Loading/unloading plan

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