Rossum Aurora: Elevating accuracy to new heights

Watch as we unveil Rossum Aurora, the next generation AI for improved document understanding and end-to-end automation.

Designed from the ground up to revolutionize data extraction accuracy and document processing efficiency, Rossum Aurora is built on top of a proprietary Transactional-Large Language Model (T-LLM) whose main purpose is to learn faster and reach higher accuracy rates.

Hear from Tomas Gogar (CEO, Rossum), Petr Baudis (CTO, Rossum) as they demonstrate how Rossum Aurora works and experience the transformative impact of our next-generation AI firsthand. The webinar will focus on the following points:

  • What exactly is Rossum Aurora, and how does its magic work?
  • Achieving mind-blowing human-level accuracy at warp speed
  • Rossum’s specialized T-LLM, and how it outshines industry benchmarks
  • All of the benefits of the latest AI technologies, without any of the common risks such as hallucinations

And that’s not all! Marco Favaretti, Financial Controller at Adyen, the global financial technology platform, joins our speakers to share his insights on how Rossum Aurora has helped his team streamline its document processing workflows and achieve remarkable results on the accuracy front.

“It was becoming impossible to process the volume and complexity of invoices manually, if we wanted to continue growing sustainably as a business we needed an intelligent document automation solution. Experiences with other automation providers had left us very disappointed, we felt that Rossum offered us the AI visibility and control to help us continue to scale our operations efficiently.”

Marco Favaretti, Financial Controller, Adyen

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