End-to-end automation with intelligent document processing

Eliminate manual processes. Improve data accuracy. Deploy your workforce more effectively.

Your team’s time is precious.
Automate document processing in one platform.

Fast, accurate and easy-to-use, Rossum is built in the cloud to streamline your processes and release your team from the monotony of manual data input
and the limitations of templates.

Complex line items captured in Rossum's AI document processing platform.

Automate data capture at speed

Automated document classification removes data entry errors that result in payment charges and penalties.

  • Extract data from documents across all formats and channels
  • Automate communication to eliminate manual follow up
  • Filter out spam and duplicate documents
  • Route and process documents with a flexible queuing system

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Validation of data from a tax invoice in Rossum's AI document processing platform.

Save 82% of time on validation

AI document processing that captures data and classifies documents with changing formats.

  • Reads business documents like a human, adapting to changes in style and formatting 
  • Automate data processing to ensure all documents are managed according to predetermined policies
  • Mitigate human time spent validating data over time
  • Data capture engine algorithm that learns with every human click and keystroke

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Apps available in Rossum's AI document processing platform store.

Eliminate manual data capture

Stamp out manual tasks like calculations and sorting of your processed documents with AI data capture technology.

  • Develop custom automations with our extensible low-code interface
  • Tap into pre-built extensions and automation functions
  • Clear communication bottlenecks with third parties and share real-time updates
  • Keep everyone on the same page for all your documents

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Usage Report dashboard example on Rossum's AI document processing platform.

Analyze and optimize

Built-in reporting and dashboards to see key metrics, spot trends, and identify document processing optimization insights.

  • Drill down into users, queues, document types, and fields
  • Meet delivery SLAs with error-free data
  • Identify and investigate field-level accuracy
  • Ongoing performance improvement with Usage Reporting dashboard

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Creating impact for our customers

From commercial businesses to Fortune 500, our customers have one thing in common. The value they get from our intelligent document processing solution.


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Rossum is an official SAP Partner with Certified integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

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