Rossum Drives IDP Adoption with Manufacturing & Industrial Clients

BUS Industrial Tools, Michelin Metals and EvoLogics Optimize Operations and Streamline Costs Through Automation

Manufacturing customer win announcement

London and Prague — December 14, 2022 — Rossum, the pioneer in cloud-native Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), announced increased customer traction with key companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors including BUS Industrial Tools, Michlin Metals and EvoLogics GmbH. Rossum’s software helps transform manufacturing and supply chain operations by automating document processing to dramatically streamline operations. 

Ongoing pressures to optimize operations by focusing on cost, quality, and delivery of goods is a constant concern for manufacturing and industrial supply chain companies. From planning, sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, delivery, and returns, the automation of document processing helps avoid downsides such as supply chain bottlenecks and limited inventory. Rossum addresses these challenges by accurately extracting data from documents, reducing the manpower hours dedicated to manual data entry, and optimizing workflow automation. 

“Speed and efficiency can never be taken for granted,” says Michael Bennett, Director of Business Development at Michlin Metals. “Not only has IDP enabled Michlin to process more invoices, but doing so with increased accuracy and scalability. In addition, Michlin has integrated Rossum into its material receiving process which enables the company to validate certain aspects of the material relative to the customers requirements – thus increasing quality and scalability.”

Rossum provides a high-level of data extraction accuracy right out of the box because it aggregates forms and PDF knowledge from existing clients. The company’s AI capabilities leverage the collective work of clients acting like a crowdsourced document repository, all being delivered in a SaaS model. That’s why companies like EvoLogics have been able to reduce the overall document processing time by 75%, with multiple data checks performed at the pre-processing stage, ensuring the increased quality of the data output. The company also used Rossum to build a database that is searchable across all accounting activities, invoices, and supplier data.

“We’re bringing IDP to new industries,” Many industries still rely too heavily on manually based tasks that are counterproductive and costly,” says Tomas Gogar, CEO of Rossum. “Implementing an IDP solution enables forward-thinking organizations to boost operational excellence, meet customer demand, and save time and resources that can be reallocated elsewhere.”

Rossum provides companies with the confidence needed to digitize paperwork processes accurately and with minimal human effort. For more information on Rossum technology and how AI automation applications improve business processes, visit

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Rossum is a market leading Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution combining the industry’s most advanced data extraction capabilities with a complete low-code platform that automates significant amounts of manual work across a company’s document processing workflow. Hundreds of organizations across a wide range of sizes and industries including Bosch, HelloFresh, Morton Salt, and The Master Trust Bank of Japan use Rossum to reduce manual effort, improve turnaround times, and eliminate errors. Learn more at

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