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Rossum's mission is to make B2B communication frictionless.

Humans have been flying to the moon for nearly seventy years, but we are still processing invoices by transferring data from paper to computer. In harnessing the power of AI, we believe we can fix this.

Our origin story

Rossum was founded by three Ph.D. candidates who saw a need for businesses to improve their document processing workflows. Our founders knew an AI-based data extraction engine could power more accurate document recognition than traditional solutions. Turns out they were right, and since then Rossum has helped hundreds of companies worldwide overcome documentation challenges.

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What Rossumers say

What Rossumers say

"Our culture is founded on the belief that diversity makes us stronger. We prioritize data-backed decisions over strong opinions, and we have a bias towards continuous learning and taking swift action”.

Ivona Macháčková - HRBP

"At Rossum, we believe in getting things done without over-managing. When it comes to solving problems, we believe the best solution should always be the winner."

Pierre Humblot - Backend Engineer

“Every project is unique. It's important to continuously learn new things every day in order to stay valuable and current in every conversation".

Ally Newbigging - Enterprise Account Executive

"Every project is unique! It's important to consistently learn new things in order to stay relevant and current in each conversation"

Zuzana Pechová - Security and IT Manager

"We have been fortunate enough to solve critical problems at the right time, and as a result, we are well-established to tackle the ones that are coming our way."

Balu Gopakumar - Head of Sales Enablement

"At Rossum, we do state-of-the-art document understanding. For this, you’ll be surrounded by some of the smartest people you will ever have the pleasure of working with."

Matyáš Skalický - ML Engineer

Our values

At Rossum all of our interactions, from internal meetings with peers to executive-level customer conversions, are guided by our values.

strong opinions

Strong opinions, weakly held

It is good to have strong opinions! However, unless based on data, opinions must be treated as mere hypotheses. No matter how strong, in the face of new evidence and sound arguments, always be open to changing your opinion.

work smart, learn fast

Work smart, learn fast

Learning is the most basic skill we possess. As learners, we love to look to our role models; but, where we are pioneers, we always look for lessons learned. Ultimately, we measure results, not hours - no matter if achieved by prioritizing well or working hard.

differences make us strong

Differences make us strong

Differences can come in many forms: gender, nationality, race, experiences, and more. We view diversity as a strength. As a company, we want everyone to pursue the same ideals. That starts with respecting our differences.

We have your back

To bring your best self to work, we want you to feel your best.

stock options

Stock options in the company.
The company growth is a real win-win.

holiday + PTO

Generous holidays to recharge your batteries.

family support

Flexible hybrid working model.

high-end gear

High-end gear, and other nice perks that will make your days even better.

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