Here’s What You Missed: Rossum Spring Product Launch

Rossum’s first launch of 2022 focused on new, streamlined features for AI engine customization and management.

We discussed how AI customization affects companies and why having a versatile AI solution is so crucial for the success of a modern business of any size.

The audience was invited to learn and see these major developments of the past quarter in action, including:

  • A new AI Engines overview page, including the following key features:
    • A complete overview of all dedicated and generic engines for every account.
    • Greater visibility into the AI training progress as per document queue.
    • A new form allowing users to submit a request for a new document type directly from the Rossum platform without interrupting the usual workflow.
  • A new lineup of AI engines, pre-trained for the specific use cases. The following document types are now available for even more versatility out of the box:

Here’s why we think this release will add value to Rossum end users:

On the data capture market, the accuracy of extraction is usually defined as a metric for “previously seen” layouts. However, the ability of a data capture AI solution to automatically adapt to your documents is a standard expectation across the board. 

However, there’s still a need for effortless versatility with built-in self-improvement.

Any high automation solution must be agile and highly adaptable. The green curve on the chart below illustrates how Rossum’s trial extends to real in-product experience – with the help of AI customization:

Rossum’s approach to AI allows our clients to achieve high accuracy from the first document, creating more value in a fraction of the time compared to the traditional methods.

What does Streamlined AI customization bring to our clients? 

“Rossum has a very user-friendly, clean user interface that is easy to understand and train. Extraction quality is good right off the bat, and some invoices do not need any additional attention at all.”

Andreas Wall, Managing Director at Meplato

“Rossum is by far the most intuitive data capture software available for a small business. It’s flexible, and the AI is constantly learning. With good training and time investment, massive time savings are possible and huge scalability becomes feasible. Rossum is an integral portion of Michlin’s business operation and has been for going on for two years.”

Michael Bennett, Vice President of Operations at Michlin Metals

“With data capture errors close to zero, I appreciate Rossum’s invoice processing because there’s no need for paperwork. It’s an elegant, fast and flexible solution.”

Lubomir Slaby, CFO at Sapeli

Watch the complete Rossum Spring 2022 Launch and see the keynote, live demo, and a live Q&A discussion:

Curious to learn more about how versatility in AI customization processes can help modern businesses of any size? Check out these Help Center articles about the Certificate of Analysis and Chinese Invoices or get in touch with us:

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