Perspective: Rossum at BoxWorks 2018 is one of the main cloud content management providers in the enterprise market. Rossum has been working with Box as part of their initiative to bring together leading AI providers (including IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure) to integrate ground-breaking machine learning capabilities within the upcoming BoxSkills platform. BoxSkills allows Box users to effortlessly apply cognitive functions on folders stored in Box, essentially adding an automatic content-based metadata layer to all analyzed files. I had been invited to present at BoxWorks as Rossum’s Chief AI Architect to explain Rossum’s technology and how can it bring value to Box users.

Looking back, has been a great partner for Rossum in terms of the initiative Box has shown when implementing Rossum’s solution, as well as the professionalism of the team. has been very enthusiastic to take initiative and implement a proof-of-concept BoxSkill of the API completely on their own. It was also great to hear the feedback of BoxSkill developers at BoxWorks. We were glad to confirm it took a BoxSkills developer less than a few days to implement the Rossum API into a real BoxSkill solution – as easy as we had hoped.

Another great partner for Rossum within the Box ecosystem is now Crooze, the MetaData Tools for Box vendor. Just three days before BoxWorks, Crooze implemented Rossum for capturing invoice details in Box to a metadata layer available (and further editable) within Crooze’s interface. This enabled an end-to-end solution for any Box user who chooses to integrate Box within their accounting platform. Document Management Systems are picking up on Rossum adoption too (see our recent case study) and this Box application is conceptually really close.

While the Developer Zone didn’t have a big stage, I believe we managed to draw one of the largest standing crowds for the talk about Rossum’s technology which then stirred a long series of follow-up conversations. In the end, for me, BoxWorks was an endless stream of great meetings, in particular with more than 15 executives of potential partner or client companies reaching out for a chat.

I have to note my admiration for the great ecosystem and enthusiastic user base Box managed to foster. From all I gathered, customer relationships and focus on customer and partner success emerged as the main differentiating point of Box among the cloud content platforms from the perspective of Box users. The awesome business community around Box and the BoxWorks event is proof of that.

Did you miss BoxWorks? Don’t miss out on Rossum’s technology – check out the BoxWorks talk slides as well as our flagship invoice data capture product Rossum.

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