Why Your Onboarding Needs Intelligent Document Processing

Onboarding can be a time-consuming process for departments that already have plenty on their plates. Manually processing documents leaves room for error and takes away time that can be spent elsewhere. 

This is where intelligent document processing, or IDP, comes in handy. Let’s explore the ways that IDP can enhance onboarding, and how this method is more efficient and productive.

Challenges of Traditional Onboarding 

Why many onboarding processes can be done manually, it’s often not the best way. Here are some reasons why manual processing leaves you at a disadvantage:

More Time-Consuming

When employees have to manually enter and process information, this can be a cumbersome task that prohibits them from completing other necessary work. Sure, some things do still require a human touch, but streamlining the processes that can be made more efficient will ease the burden.

Prone to Error

Manual document processing is also more prone to errors, which causes more work down the line when it needs fixing. Something staff can easily overlook after sorting through repetitive files is necessary information that an IDP platform with laser-focus accuracy would catch.

Leads to a Poor Onboarding Experience

As a result of these challenges, the overall customer and onboarding experience suffers, leading to longer onboarding times and higher costs. This leads to poor service, and it can be difficult to bounce back from something like that.

In what ways can IDP solve these challenges? Let’s take a closer look at how document automation technology enhances the onboarding process.

How IDP Solves Onboarding Problems

When examining onboarding solutions, it’s important to consider the areas that could use an efficiency tune-up, such as data extraction. Since IDP automatically extracts data, it’s able to accurately and quickly capture key data points from any document, regardless of the format.

An example of this can be seen in Morton Salt’s story about integrating Rossum’s agile onboarding approach to streamline documents in its production process. Its customer service team was able to get up and running quickly with our user-friendly IDP platform and achieved 95% faster processing times.

Another instance of IDP’s advantages for onboarding is Veolia’s Shared Services Center (SSC). Serving 30 entities of the Veolia group, the SSC struggled with inefficient and fragmented invoice processing. Rossum’s IDP technology played a key role in the SSC’s launch of a new unified invoice navigation, along with onboarding 60,000 suppliers to a digital process.

Here are other ways that document automation can solve your onboarding challenges:

Streamline Workflows

IDP can eliminate tedious manual tasks that may be taxing your staff, enabling companies to onboard more effectively in a fraction of the time. 

Reduce Errors

Errors can lead to poor onboarding experiences for customers and your business. Automated document processing dramatically reduces data inaccuracies so that there are fewer hiccups.

Increase Productivity

Unlike people, IDP has been created solely for document processing, meaning it’s much more difficult for things to slip through the cracks. More importantly, your highly-skilled teams are able to focus more on the work they’ve been trained to do. 

Focus on What Matters

By leveraging this method, companies can streamline their onboarding processes and provide an improved candidate and employee experience. IDP is revolutionizing onboarding processes so businesses can focus on what matters most: their customers.

Start Saving Time on Your Onboarding Process

Intelligent document processing is helping companies across industries achieve digital transformations. This innovative technology allows you to cut out inefficiencies in your onboarding with automated data capture, document classification, entity extraction, and more.

Try Rossum for free to run extensive PoCs and start seeing results, like Molson Coors. The beer company went to production stage in just 3 days after initial setup and saved 76% of its time on document processing. Now that’s something we can all raise a glass to.

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