Why Manufacturers Are Ditching Manual Document Processing for IDP

Manufacturing requires a lot of moving pieces, which is why it’s vital to have streamlined document workflows so that nothing falls by the wayside or slows down work. That’s why many manufacturers are making the switch from manual processes to automated solutions, saving time and labor while boosting accuracy. 

Discover how intelligent document processing (IDP) can best serve your manufacturing document needs to increase efficiency and productivity.

Disadvantages of Manual Document Processing

Unfortunately, your current processing methods may be slowing you down in more ways than one. Find out how you might be at a disadvantage when you rely on manual document processing.

Data Inaccuracies

Manual processing is more prone to errors. Things can slip through the cracks when people are in charge of documents. That’s why systems that are built for processing are better for reading and extracting accurate data.

Less Efficient

In many instances, technology offers more efficiency. Manual processing takes a lot of brain power and can consume a large chunk of employees’ workdays. IDP lightens workloads so workers can get more done in less time.

More Time-Consuming

It takes much more time for a person to process documents manually compared to an AI-powered platform. IDP eliminates a lot of tedious and repetitive manual tasks, leaving more time to focus on high-value activities. 

Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing

Now that we know the disadvantages of manual processing, it’s important to look at how your manufacturing can benefit from intelligent processing. Here’s what it can do for manufacturers looking to increase productivity:

Supply Chain Management

Improve customer experiences with faster turnaround times for key document-based processes, such as customs clearance or invoicing, with IDP. You can also maintain security and compliance through proper audit trails and change histories so that your process meets regulatory and stakeholder requirements.

Efficiency increases as well by avoiding tedious manual data entry and processing activities that can slow your supply chain down and cause costly errors.

Inventory Management

When you leverage the power of AI in document workflows, you’re able to reduce the time your warehouse usually spends on data extraction. This allows them to focus on other urgent tasks like QA. Inventory management not only becomes more efficient, but more accurate as a result. 

Order Management

An incredible amount of effort is required to manually enter and process documents, such as sales and purchase orders. With IDP, you can reduce order management costs while increasing revenue. IDP also assists in faster turnaround times, which allows you to create better customer experiences and fill orders quickly.

Plus, IDP effectively mitigates risks by avoiding overpayments and penalties associated with errors stemming from manual processes.

Optimize Your Manufacturing Workflows 

With automated tools helping to cut work in half while boosting revenue, it’s no wonder so many manufacturing businesses are upgrading to intelligent document processing. From increasing efficiency and accuracy to improving customer and employee experiences, IDP helps manufacturers transform into digitally enabled enterprises.

Working with Rossum proved fruitful for EvoLogics as the organization was able to significantly reduce manual document processing and data capture efforts. The introduction of Rossum’s rich and robust supplier and product database allowed EvoLogics to reap the benefits of including efficient end-to-end integration within their existing system structure.

All in all, Rossum enabled the organization to cut down their manual document capturing time by a whopping 74%. This result further indicates how leveraging automated solutions can prove indispensable for manufacturers looking to increase efficiency and save on time investment.

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