How to export invoice data to your accounting system in minutes

We’re on a mission to make the business world a better place. To achieve this, we built Rossum – an AI-powered accounts payable (AP) automation solution that enables AP experts to take on more productive and fulfilling roles in their companies.

Rossum frees professionals from manual invoice processing tasks with fast and accurate automated invoice data extraction. No more mind-numbing data entry. No more time-sucking rule and template creation for traditional OCR software. More opportunities to provide valuable support to other departments. More time to conduct business-critical financial analysis and planning.

Read on to gain a better understanding of why we developed Rossum and what it can do for your business. 

Your current AP process might need fixing

If you’ve ever done manual data entry, you know how stupendously inefficient, expensive, and tedious it is. Typing text and numbers into spreadsheets or accounting software cell by cell by cell day after day after day is no way to work, let alone live. 

Maybe you’ve worked with a traditional optical character recognition (OCR) solution. If so, you’re familiar with the painstaking procedure of mapping invoice data fields to fields in your accounting or ERP software to ensure the OCR platform exports numbers and text strings correctly. You’re aware of the rigid requirements of rule and template creation for every new invoice format you receive. If you work with an ever-changing roster of suppliers, each with their own invoice template, you know this process is highly disruptive to your productivity – and not the good kind of disruptive. 

Quick invoice processing improves AP performance

Rossum streamlines AP invoice processing in ways that increase productivity and elevate AP’s role in your organization. You can use our cloud-based platform to automatically capture invoice data and export it to your company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting system in less time than it will take you to read this blog post, as you can see in this video:

Traditional template-based OCR invoice processing solutions read structure and content separately, without understanding them. They convert images of the text and numbers contained in PDF invoices into exportable data that you can use in your accounting or ERP software. However, without rules and templates to follow, your software reads all this data as a jumble of letters, numbers, and characters. 

Thanks to its neural networks, Rossum reads and understands the structure and content of documents the same way our human brains do. This enables it to capture and export data accurately. Rossum gets smarter with use and learns how to extract data from new invoice templates precisely with little to no assistance from you.

Reviewing in Rossum app

To give you an idea of the performance boost Rossum can give to your AP team, here are a few highlights from our success stories:

  • Rossum saved a global BPO provider 6 weeks’ worth of man-hours and replaced over 1,000 invoice templates
  • An esteemed multinational brewer deployed Rossum in just 3 days for automated invoice processing with 97.3% data extraction accuracy
  • We helped an established DMS provider offer complex services for invoice automation on top of their EDI competencies 

You don’t need extensive training or a computer science degree to use Rossum – it works right out of the box. Naturally, we also provide documentation for advanced users such as developers and integrators.

How to use Rossum for invoice processing

From start to finish, Rossum is so easy to use you can create a trial account and start processing invoices right now. Once your account is up and running, all you need to do is

  1. Upload invoices to Rossum
  2. Activate AI-powered data extraction
  3. Validate captured data
  4. Export data to ERP and/or accounting systems

For more details, check out our helpful Rossum quick start guide.

You can integrate Rossum’s cloud-based solution into your company’s existing processes easily. If you’re interested in integrating it with your accounting or ERP system, we suggest you spend some time reviewing our extensive API documentation. You also have the option of robotic integration to enable fully automated invoice processing

Speed up your AP process today

Here’s another taste of the Rossum experience:

As we indicated in the previous section, the best way to see how Rossum improves invoice processing is to start using it yourself. In just three steps, you can set up your own account for free – no credit card information required and no strings attached. 

To create your account, head to the Rossum registration page. In the first step, you’ll need to select your region to define the list of Pre-trained fields that will be extracted (this can be changed later). Next, fill in a few fields and create a password. With that done, you can process up to 300 invoices per month, completely free of charge.

Ready to get started?

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