Here’s What You Missed: Rossum Launch, Spring 2021

When processing documents, just as much manual time is spent on communication and data flow as is spent on actually extracting the data. This is why Rossum has become the enterprise inbox for all incoming documents, and the end of May 2021 marks an important milestone on this journey to automate all document communication.

On Tuesday, May 25th CTO and co-founder Petr Baudis hosted the Rossum Launch: Spring, 2021, to walk us through the key advancements in Rossum’s product over the last three months.

So what’s on the agenda? We unveiled two major capabilities that address a pair of major challenges in efficient document processing. First, we are solving how external communication can work together with data capture to automate how document errors, follow ups and email context is handled. Second, we are adding internal company context to data capture – introducing the most user-friendly platform for master database integration.

All-in-all, the updates in this quarter’s launch build on Rossum’s ability to both save over 90% of the time typically required to process incoming documents through improved automation capabilities and help build a better relationship with vendors with smooth, transparent payment and validation flows.

“Our suppliers are excited about receiving proactive updates, and we feel that the new email flow doesn’t just save us work, but also builds a lot of goodwill with our partners.”

Ondrej Beranek
Acting SSC Director, Veolia Group CR

Click below to watch the full Rossum Launch: Spring 2021 to learn more and see the live demo.

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