The 5 Elements of the Best Invoice Processing Software

When it comes to running a business, there are a lot of moving parts. And keeping track of all those moving parts can be difficult—especially when it comes to invoicing. That’s why it’s important to have invoice processing software that is comprehensive, easy to use, and integrates well with your existing systems. 

Additionally, the best invoice processing software will use artificial intelligence to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to process an invoice. 

Rossum’s intelligent document processing (IDP) platform is an excellent solution companies can use for all of their invoice processing needs. From receipt to payment, Rossum can make invoice processing efficient, simple, and secure. 

Intelligent document processing ends the manual grind

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after technologies across a variety of industries. And it’s not hard to see why. 

AI has the ability to automate tasks that would otherwise be performed manually—tasks that are often time-consuming and tedious. This is precisely why Rossum developed its IDP platform

Rossum’s advanced AI engine extracts data from invoices much more efficiently than humans can. This means companies can save a significant amount of time and resources that would otherwise be devoted to manual data entry. 

What’s more, Rossum’s IDP platform is extremely accurate, boasting an accuracy rate of over 99%. Essentially, Rossum’s IDP platform is a game-changer for companies that rely on invoices for critical data. 

Thanks to Rossum, these companies can now enjoy increased efficiency and accuracy—two factors crucial for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the five elements that make Rossum the best choice for companies looking for comprehensive invoice processing software. 

Ease of use

Another important element of Rossum’s IDP platform is that it is easy to use. Invoices can be processed quickly and easily without any hassle. Additionally, Rossum integrates well with a variety of existing business systems— so companies don’t have to worry about using different apps to get the job done. 

Whether you’re a small business processing a few invoices per month, or a large enterprise processing tens of thousands of invoices per day, Rossum can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.


When it comes to handling sensitive information like invoices, security is always a top concern. With Rossum, businesses can rest assured knowing that their data is safe and secure. 

Rossum’s IDP platform uses 128-bit SSL encryption to protect all data transmitted through its system. Rossum is also ISO27001 certified, offers HIPAA compliance, and is SOC 2 Type II certified


Rossum’s IDP platform is highly scalable— meaning it can grow with your business. As your business expands and processes more invoices, Rossum will be able to handle the increased volume without any issues. This is due to the platform’s unique architecture, which allows it to be easily configured to meet the specific needs of any organization. 

In addition, Rossum’s IDP platform comes with a number of built-in features that make it easy to use and manage, even for businesses with large volumes of invoices. As a result, Rossum’s IDP platform is the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. 

Happy employees

Employees are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of documents they have to process on a daily basis. A constant barrage of information to sift through can lead to frustration and burnout as employees feel like they are swimming in an ever-growing sea of paper. 

IDP can help to ease this burden by automatically identifying and categorizing documents, extracting key data, and routing them to the appropriate recipients. As a result, employees can spend less time sorting through mountains of paperwork and more time handling value-added tasks. In other words, IDP can help to make employees happier by reducing their workload and freeing up their time.


Last but not least, Rossum’s IDP platform is very affordable, especially considering all its benefits. Starting at just $0.45 per invoice processed, Rossum is a steal for businesses looking for comprehensive invoice processing software without breaking the bank. 

TCO diagram

Fast implementation with an out-of-the-box solution

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing invoice processing software for your business. But if you’re looking for a solution that is comprehensive, easy to use, and affordable— look no further than Rossum’s IDP platform. 

With Rossum, you’ll get all the features you need to streamline your invoice processing and take your business to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Try Rossum today!

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