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Healthcare professionals can spend more time caring for patients with Rossum’s modern cloud-native document processing solution powered by AI.

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Healthcare professionals spend too much time manually completing paperwork and less time on actual patient care. With medical history forms, treatment plans, and insurance paperwork, there are many documents that have to be filled out on a regular basis, often with specific templates that must be used. Rossum can help with this challenge by automating healthcare documentation that can reduce errors allow doctors to spend more time with patients.

accurate data capture

Accurate data capture

Errors cost healthcare facilities millions each year, and this can be prevented with IDP.

fast processing speed

Fast processing speed

Complete thorough documents quickly and efficiently so patients can receive care faster.

minimal manual work

Minimal manual work

Decrease doctor burnout and improve morale by reducing the amount of manual work.

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How to Automate Healthcare Documentation with IDP

Healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals have long struggled to ensure proper documentation is recorded for patient records. From medical history forms to treatment plans, there are many documents that are used to ensure proper patient care. Document automation for healthcare is an important step to overcome this challenge. Take a look at this blog to discover how you can automate your healthcare documentation with IDP.

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