US Presidential Elections 2024: Real-time Political Advertising Spending Monitor

In a democracy, transparency is crucial; political ad spending shapes public opinion and electoral outcomes. Observing US presidential candidates’ ad behavior informs journalists, observers, and the public about financial strategies, target demographics, messaging, and key geographical priorities in their campaigns.

To uphold transparency, the FCC legally mandates the publication of broadcast ad invoices on its website. Unfortunately, these documents are typically lengthy, intricate, and challenging. They lack the organization of spreadsheets, providing raw data without clear spend amounts and date ranges. Until Rossum Aurora came along.

We use our Rossum Aurora AI engine to process tens of thousands of ad invoices automatically and cheaply. Rossum Aurora makes it so easy, in fact, we can fully democratize this data and open it to anyone to analyze and review.

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Live dashboard that actively monitors real-time ad spending by US presidential candidates, aggregating data as broadcast stations report it to the FCC.


Our methodology involves scraping data on US presidential candidates’ ad spending from the FCC Online Public Inspection File Access once an hour.

The collected documents undergo automated processing via Rossum Aurora AI engine, extracting crucial information such as amounts spent and advertisement flight start and end dates.

To ensure data integrity, an automated deduplication process is employed, and a series of sanity checks are conducted to identify and rectify potential inaccuracies. Documents flagged with the lowest AI confidence scores or indicating the highest amounts are subject to daily human review.

Any corrections made during this manual review process are immediately incorporated into the AI system for continuous improvement.

Notably, instances requiring corrections in the exported data are exceedingly rare, and most corrections pertain to documents prevented from being exported to the public dataset.

Presently, approximately 80% of documents are processed through automated AI methods, with the remaining non-processed documents evenly distributed across candidates. Our dataset spans ad spend information since August 1, 2023. In January 2024, we eliminated both limitations, expanding the data scope retroactively and targeting a remarkable 99% document coverage.

The monitor exclusively tracks direct candidates’ spending, excluding formally-unaffiliated SuperPAC expenditures. This approach yields a more precise figure compared to sources relying on estimates and forecasts.

Rossum Aurora: Achieving human-level accuracy, quickly

Rossum Aurora, the next-generation AI for transactional documents powered by our proprietary Transactional Large Language Model (T-LLM).

The AI engine can quickly learn from user feedback to adapt to new document types and custom fields, all achieved through a smooth user interface for fast Human <> AI collaboration. You can now reach higher accuracy levels in fewer documents than before, no matter the complexity.

Born from years of cutting-edge research, Rossum Aurora is built on top of the most extensive data set of annotated transactional documents and uses 50x more parameters than the platform’s previous generation AI. It sets itself apart in the realm of intelligent document processing by seamlessly integrating the full power of LLM technology while prioritizing enterprise-grade safety. Thanks to this unique approach, there are no hallucinations, no danger of prompt injections, or any other AI risk that may endanger your business processes.

From capturing complex line items to automatic document splitting & sorting to discrepancy email communication, Rossum Aurora enables true end-to-end document processing automation.


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Legal and Technical Disclaimers:

Legal Disclaimer: The data presented by Rossum is intended solely for informational and educational purposes. Rossum maintains no direct or indirect affiliations with any of the US presidential candidates. Our platform processes transactional documents precisely as they are publicly available on the official FCC website, with no alterations or modifications.

Technical Disclaimer: The ad spend monitor serves as a proof of concept, highlighting the versatility of Rossum Aurora. It demonstrates a unique application, showcasing how transactional documents, such as invoices, can be automatically processed, unlocking valuable insights. It is important to note that the monitor is a demonstration of technology capabilities and may not capture every nuance or detail present in the original documents. Users should exercise discretion and verify information independently when needed.
The monitor exclusively tracks direct candidates' spending, excluding formally-unaffiliated SuperPAC expenditures. This approach yields a more precise figure compared to sources relying on estimates and forecasts.