Automatically Extract Data From Invoices in Your Sharepoint Site

Connect Rossum with your Microsoft SharePoint site to capture invoice data straight out of storage.

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Rossum Integrations

Here’s why companies are connecting Rossum with SharePoint

Boost your AP team’s productivity. When you connect Rossum and Sharepoint, you get a designated Sharepoint folder to which invoices can be uploaded for Rossum to process automatically. Eliminate tedious, error-prone manual data entry and keep invoice data easily accessible for spend analysis and auditing.

Automatically import documents

Rossum’s AI automatically processes documents that are uploaded to a specific Sharepoint folder

No rules required

Rossum locates invoice data visually, eliminating the need to continuously create data capture rules.

Verification UI

Verify extracted data quickly in the intuitive user interface.

Increasing accuracy

Human validation trains Rossum’s AI to extract data more accurately over time.

You can count on the Rossum Global Services team to set up your integration quickly.

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