Accelerate Invoice Processing in Premier With Rossum

Seamlessly integrate Rossum into Premier to streamline your AP workflow.

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Rossum Integrations

Here’s why companies are connecting Rossum with Premier

Your AP team can do so much more for your company when they’re not stuck manually entering invoice data into accounting systems. To help your accounting experts achieve their full potential, connect Rossum with Premier to automate invoice processing. Rossum extracts and exports invoice data directly to Premier, giving your accounting experts a productivity boost while reducing back-office costs.

Process invoices 8x more efficiently

Replace slow, error-prone manual data entry with fast data capture that gets more accurate with use.

Verification UI

Verify extracted data quickly in the intuitive user interface.

Automated data export

Invoices go directly from Rossum to Premier. Solve any exceptions quickly in a special app.

Monitor performance

Rossum’s Usage Reporting Dashboard helps you continuously improve data capture efficiency.

This App is a Rossum-certified official integration to the Premier system produced by our partner This One.

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