PDF conversion software: How to convert PDF invoices to Excel quickly and cost-effectively

The versatility and flexibility of PDF have made it the de facto official file format for document sharing and collaboration. However, finding the right PDF conversion software and converting data from PDF invoices into accounting tools can present a challenge.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on how you can export data from PDFs into spreadsheet programs like MS Excel.

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In 2015, Phil Ydens, Adobe’s Vice President of Engineering for Document Cloud, estimated that there were about 2.5 trillion Portable Document Format (PDF) files on computers around the globe. Since then, the use of PDF files has only increased. For businesses, this means that document processing procedures must consider PDF documents’ unique requirements. 

Companies that process this format of files may already have systems in place that are designed especially for that particular format. In this case, the best way to process documents is to ensure they are in PDF format first. A PDF conversion software is a tool that companies can use to convert files to PDF, which might make it easier for the business to process the documents.

A straightforward tool that businesses can use to convert files into PDF documents is the Adobe PDF converter available online. This tool can turn Excel spreadsheets into PDF documents or even convert JPG to PDF files. While this tool is easy to use, it may be difficult for businesses to use it for large numbers of documents. In addition to the Adobe tool, there are several options for a JPG to PDF converter online. The trouble with these online JPG to PDF converter tools is that they are not necessarily designed for businesses. This means that they may not be able to convert multiple files at once, and the tool may not be secure. 

Rather than converting a file to a PDF and running it through a business system for document processing, businesses should consider Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that can read data from any file, including image file formats like JPG. With a robust AI-powered OCR software like Rossum, organizations can cut out the extra step of converting documents to PDF files. Rossum can detect data from any file format, extract it, and automatically enter it into the corresponding fields in the business system used at your company.

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It can sometimes be necessary for a business to convert PDF to editable Word files. The main reason for this would be that the organization needs to be able to edit or extract the data from the PDF document. Since many PDF files are scans or images of documents, a PDF to Word converter must have OCR capabilities. While a simple OCR converter tool may work for specific documents, more complex data may not be converted correctly. For example, an online converter tool may be able to extract simple text from a PDF file and convert it into a Word document. Still, if the PDF file has a table of data or a unique font, that may not be translated into the Microsoft Word document.

The best PDF to Word converter not only has OCR capabilities but Artificial Intelligence as well. While OCR might be able to detect text, AI can detect unique fonts, varied structures of data such as tables, and any other data that is not in a traditional text format. Softwares like Rossum are able to automate many steps in document processing and the document values can easily be edited in the user-friendly UI. Thanks to that, it is not even necessary to convert PDF files to Word documents.


One type of file that businesses may need to convert to PDF is an image file. Image to PDF file conversions depends on the particular file type. A JPG to PDF conversion will require a different tool from a PNG to PDF conversion. Understanding which type of image file you have will make it easier to find the right converter tool. Certain online tools and software options may be able to convert both PNG and JPG files to PDF documents, but verifying that the tool can do so before using it will save time.

Additionally, some JPG to PDF converter online tools may have other features that might be helpful when working with JPG files. For instance, the JPGtoPDF tool can be a JPG to PDF merge tool as well as a JPG to PDF resize tool. When you upload JPG files to the site, you can merge them into one PDF document and resize them by merging and then compressing the document. One reason why businesses may be interested in converting JPG to PDF files is that doing so acts as a merge PDF process. You can merge multiple image files by converting them into a single PDF document if your company receives multiple image files.

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A PDF converter can be as straightforward as an online tool where you upload the file and click a convert button or as complex as a software system that must be downloaded and implemented in a multi-step process. A simple or complex converter could be used to convert PDF to DOCX, which is the Microsoft Word file format. An online converter like PDF2DOCX.com can be one of the best choices for individuals and small businesses that do not need to convert sensitive or complex documents. This tool can also be used as a PDF to DOC converter in case the individual or organization needs the older edition of the Microsoft Word file format.

Software PDF converters are a better option for companies that need to convert files often. A software is a program that runs on a computer to perform a particular task. Unlike an online tool, software is meant to be implemented as a more permanent and specialized solution for the company. Additionally, software solutions are generally more secure and reliable than free websites. Rossum is an Intelligent Document Processing software that can bypass the conversion process and automatically capture the data from any file format so that the organization can edit and analyze it as well as export it to its system.

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With over a million companies using Microsoft Office 365 around the world, Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used word processing applications. This, along with the popularity of the Portable Document Format (PDF) for business, means that PDF to Word conversions are common. Since PDF files cannot be edited, it is necessary to use a PDF converter to Word to be able to edit data or text in the file. Sometimes, this conversion from a PDF to a Word document is only performed to make data extraction easier. As with editing, when PDF files are converted to Word, the text and data can be copied and pasted from the Word document into the business system, so there is no need to retype the data.

In other cases, it is necessary to use a Word to PDF converter to make it simpler to send files from the business to another company. Online tools exist for this process, and if the business only needs to send a specific Word document as a PDF file, then these converters will be helpful for this task. Companies that need to perform these conversions for data extraction purposes may find that an Intelligent Document Processing software like Rossum is a more efficient choice than converting documents from one format to another.

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Businesses can use online converters to convert PDF to Word or Word to PDF files which will make it easy to decide whether your business needs a specific converter tool for this process. An online Word to PDF converter like Adobe’s free-to-use converter tool can demonstrate what a converted PDF document looks like. By simply uploading the Word document to the website, the site will automatically convert the document and prompt you to download the completed PDF file. 

While this online PDF converter is helpful, it is equally as simple to use Microsoft Word to convert the file to a PDF. For this process, you need to open the Word document with the Microsoft Word application and click “File,” then “Save as…”. In the pop-up box, under “File Format,” select “PDF.” This process will export the Word document as a PDF file directly into the location chosen by the user. 

Both online tools and direct export processes can be helpful for converting individual Word to PDF files. Companies that need to convert a large number of these files or need to find the most efficient way to extract data from these documents will find that an AI-powered data capture software like Rossum provides the most benefits.

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If your document processing department prefers to work with PDF files over other file formats, PDF converter tools will be helpful. A PDF to PDF converter can be used to convert traditional PDF documents into more specialized PDF files such as PDF/A, which is used for digital archiving. 

Another choice is a PDF maker online tool. This kind of website will have more features than a PDF to PDF converter and may be able to perform specialized tasks such as PDF compression, annotation, or merging. On the other hand, if your business receives PDF files and needs to manually extract or edit the data, you may prefer a converter that can turn PDF files into Word documents. If you Google “PDF to Word converter,” you will find several websites and tools that can be used for this process.

Converting files to PDF documents or transforming PDF files into editable formats may seem like the best way to edit or extract data from these files, but a data capture solution is far more efficient. Rossum is a smart document processing software that can capture the data from any file format and turn it into editable text or even automatically enter the data into the business system so that employees do not have to.

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