Rossum Announces Partnership with
Celonis to Accelerate
Workflow Automation

Celonis to Embed Rossum’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Capabilities into its Execution Management System

Rossum announces partnership with celonis to accelerate workflow automation

London and Prague — November 15, 2022 Rossum, the pioneer in cloud-native Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), today announced a partnership with Celonis, the global leader in execution management. Celonis will embed Rossum’s AI-enabled document extraction, capture and categorization capabilities, into its Execution Management System (EMS) platform. Through this integration, Celonis will be able to provide deeper process intelligence functionalities, enabling customers to effectively identify and reduce invoice errors.   

Companies increasingly struggle to keep up with the growing volume of invoices, leading to mismanagement and duplicate invoice payments. According to Goldman Sachs, this is a major cost center within organizations. In fact, accounts payable automation can drive 70-80% in time savings, making the automation of document processing critical to business success. Rossum’s IDP technology ingests, processes, and classifies unstructured documents within the Celonis EMS and intelligently identifies, flags, and removes duplicate or inaccurate invoices for customers. This will ensure accuracy for invoice processing while eliminating the need for error-prone, time-consuming, and costly human intervention.

“Rossum brings a unique set of capabilities to document processing that will help our shared clients to improve duplicate invoice detection, boost operational efficiency and save money while accelerating workflow automation projects,” says Ke Zhang, Senior Director, Partner Innovation at Celonis. “We will collaborate with Rossum on technology developments while supporting joint go-to-market efforts.”

Powered by leading process mining technology, Celonis EMS operates at a level above underlying software systems. It uses real-time data from enterprise systems, desktops, devices, and third-party sources to “X-ray” processes. Celonis then applies intelligence to this data to identify the root cause of process problems, calculate the business impact, and confirm the fastest path to resolution. This triggers real time automated actions to fix inefficiencies and optimize process performance. The end result is that companies gain a new and modern approach to running their businesses on intelligent processes. 

Celonis has been named the market leader by Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Everest Group, Nelson Hall and HFS and ranked a top company in the annual Forbes Cloud 100 list

“We share a common vision with Celonis,” says Tomas Gogar, CEO of Rossum. “Our aim is to disrupt and transform the way businesses operate through intelligent automation. We get our clients to focus on the essential, mission critical tasks of running a business while automating the mundane. This goes beyond saving time and allocating resources, we are driving a lasting and fundamental change in the way a business operates.”

Rossum drives high levels of intelligence and automated actions, completely transforming the document workflow for companies. For more information on Rossum technology and how AI automation applications improve business processes, visit

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