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Rossum is growing quickly and we’re looking for great people to join the team. We’re in a fast-growing category of software (Intelligent Document Processing - IDP for short) and we raised one of the largest Series A rounds in history. You can’t capture the opportunity we’re going after without the best people, and we’re on the hunt for those who are ready to jump in, love collaborating, and value a culture of transparency. Read on to learn more.

Why Rossum?

Choosing a new place to work is no small decision. Here are three reasons why Rossum is a great place for the next step in your career:


The opportunity

Our category, Intelligent Document Processing (also known as IDP), is growing at a rate of over 50% annually. That’s 50% a year for the entire market, not just a single company within it. A modern market leader will emerge from this space in the next 5 years, and we intend for it to be us.


The technology

Reading and understanding documents is no small task, and we operate one of the most sophisticated technology stacks in the business. Deep learning? Check. Team of technical founders? Check. Founder that built the predecessor to Google’s DeepMind and was one of the original Git contributors? Check.


The culture

Rossum was founded in Prague but is a truly global growth company. You might say we combine Eastern European pragmatism, Silicon Valley optimism, New York City swagger, and a dash of Salt Lake City sensibility. What does that mean exactly? Talk to us and find out!

Our origin story

Rossum started when three PhD candidates left their program to pursue the idea that an AI-based data extraction engine could power more accurate document recognition than traditional solutions. Turns out they were right, and since then the Rossum vision has expanded to an enterprise-grade platform solving the pervasive problem of manual data entry and document processing for hundreds of customers around the world.

Founders of Rossum

We care about our employees

To bring your best self to work, we want you to feel your best.


Flexible work

The world is evolving, and Rossum believes in hybrid work: our hub system supports flexible work, time off, and local community at the same time.


Family support

At Rossum we care about the well-being of families of every shape and size, providing an extensive support system for working families.


Health & Wellness

Rossum offers comprehensive coverage that meets the needs of our diverse workforce: mental health, wellbeing, and family support.


Financial benefits

Every employee receives an equity award when they are hired in addition to fair and equitable compensation.

Our hiring process

Sound interesting? Let's talk!