Webinar: Learn How Your AP Department Can Benefit from Remote Work

We’re devoted to helping people work better and smarter. This drives the development of our invoice data extraction software; this also motivates us to assist our peers in the business community, many of whom are struggling with the sudden shift to remote work

To guide you on how to keep your accounts payable (AP) team working efficiently through this period of uncertainty, we hosted a webinar, Remote Work in AP Departments. The hosts, Rossum co-founders Tomas Gogar and Petr Baudis, offer insights and experiences that you can put to use immediately.

Respect in the Time of Coronavirus

“It’s important to treat this situation with respect. That’s what we do. There is so much uncertainty that you need to treat everything with respect.”

Petr Baudis, Rossum Co-Founder and CTO

The friendly one-hour webinar examines the impact that COVID-19 is having on the business community, and covers how AP departments can cope with the situation. Tomas and Petr take you through the following topics:

  • The business impact of the COVID-19 shutdown: Rossum’s perspective
  • Working remotely: war stories
  • The invoices don’t stop coming: remote AP

As you watch the webinar, you’ll hear the experiences that Rossum and some participants have had with remote work, as well as a discussion about how businesses can help each other.

Support for You to Support Your Clients

“You should be thinking, ‘How can I support my clients in this situation?’.”

Petr Baudis

The breakneck pace at which COVID-19 is impacting business and the way we work may have caught you off-guard. It seems that in some countries, the lockdown may last several months. So your company, along with your partners, suppliers, and customers, needs to be prepared to work remotely and move business-critical processes to the cloud.

COVID-19 lockdown is impacting invoice processing volumes across industries.
COVID-19 lockdown is impacting invoice processing volumes across industries.

As your first priority is maintaining business continuity, you need quick – but not hasty – solutions to keep your operations running. One such solution is the transition from paper-based AP processes to digital workflows. With the added challenge of managing a remote workforce, making this switch seems like a daunting prospect. As you will see in the webinar, this change is actually an opportunity for you to increase your AP team’s efficiency while cutting costs.

Measure Everything

“Working from home, we had to start measuring more KPIs than before. We really use it as a personal dashboard.”

Tomas Gogar, Rossum Co-Founder and CEO

When everyone is working remotely, you may find it difficult to get a sense of who is doing well and who needs help. You may also feel you’re losing some or all of your gut feeling for the performance of your team and of your company as a whole. Based on our observations and experience, managers have the greatest additional burden when their teams disperse to home offices.

To overcome these challenges, you should focus on metrics more than ever. They can help your team prioritize what matters and what helps them achieve success. We see metrics as a tool, not a whip – if someone is lagging, we strongly believe that compassionate management, the polar opposite of a “tough management style”, can help improve their performance.

To ensure efficient remote work, measure everything and track KPIs.
Rossum’s Usage Reporting Dashboard (on the right) keeps you on top of AP performance

We’re Here for You

“30% of the traffic we see actually comes from paper invoices. Those are difficult to cope with right now, and we see that a lot of companies try to push their vendors to switch to PDFs so that they can work remotely.”

Tomas Gogar

If a mandatory lockdown is directly affecting your business, we at Rossum are here to help you get through this. The webinar is but one small, but, we hope, effective, contribution to the business community. When you watch it, you will:

  • Get guidance on how you can optimize remote work for your business
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges that AP departments are currently facing, and will face, during and after this situation
  • Learn how to identify business opportunities that help others as well as your business during and after lockdown
  • Discover the COVID-19 toolbelt for remote AP
  • Find out how you can strategize to help your clients in their push for cost savings in a way that also helps you maintain business continuity
  • Gain valuable insights on how to prepare your business with “the COVID-19 toolbelt for remote AP”
  • Get tips on how you can support your clients in this time of uncertainty

You can watch the entire webinar right now at our YouTube channel.

Normally at this point we link to a trial signup. But this time we’d like to hear from you – how can we help in the current situation? Tell us at webinars@rossum.ai.  

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