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Efficient Remote Teams

A sudden shift to remote working can present challenges to your business. It also gives you opportunities to improve efficiencies for teams like accounts payable, procurement, and logistics.

Rossum is a cloud-based data capture app that enables you to capitalize on these opportunities. Using AI to automate paperwork, it can process thousands of documents in minutes.

Maintain business continuity. Increase operational efficiency while driving costs down. Capture, export, and access business-critical data swiftly and securely. Rossum helps you do all this and more, making it an invaluable part of your remote working toolkit.

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Remote Work

Maintain business continuity

Go paperless quickly and easily

Create one entry point for all documents

Sustain operations with a distributed team

Get actionable insights into team performance

Accounts Payable remote work analytics

Streamline paperwork

Fast document processing

No template or rule setup. Rossum's proprietary AI understands the general structure of invoices, enabling your team to extract and export invoice data right away.

Long-term gains

Reduce or even eliminate data validation. Unique machine learning technology enables Rossum to capture data more accurately with continued use.


Lower total cost of ownership

Reduce your document processing TCO. Rossum can cut your data extraction costs by up to 78% compared to manual data entry or 43% compared to template-based OCR solutions.

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Efficient data processing

Fast cost-cutting document processing for newly remote teams

We’re here to help you implement Rossum smoothly and as quickly as possible. You can have the entire solution up and running in days – from trial and consultation with automation experts through integration to employee onboarding.