Under the Hood: Rossum Improvement News
June 2019

On a monthly basis, we share the coolest new features of the Rossum’s document processing application, the underlying platform and the AI engine. Scroll down to see all the key June 2019 product updates that will make your invoice automation even easier!


OCR development

We’ve added additional characters, _@;*=ß|” , to improve support for typical line item description values and German textual fields (e.g. address lines).

Decreased wait times

We modified job prioritization and reduced the waiting time for normal-priority documents even at times of high-priority traffic.

Usage reports

Manager level users now have access to download usage-reports for all assigned queues. Accountancy companies can benefit from this feature by granting their clients access to their own usage report statistics.

Rossum usage report example

Integration updates


Profiles and connectors in Elisctl

Partners that maintain multiple organizations are now able to create `awscli`-like profiles and keep using elisctl with different accounts.

Rossum Profile Commander

We also introduced a new family of commands in the `elisctl connector` namespace:

Connector Commander

Partners may now create completely new organizations. By default, new organizations are based on a template that always contains a default queue and schema. Partners may use a new “Empty Organization Template” from now on.


Now schema authors have more control over the table appearance. The column width was updated with better defaults and may be explicitly specified using the `width` and `stretch` attributes.

Additionally, you can now hide columns that you do not want to see in the user interface by marking them as `can_collapse`. Learn more in our API documentation.

With the new schema attribute “can_export” you can now easily select and export the chosen content.

User Experience Updates


Improved navigation

Search within a document can be activated in the validation interface. Users can either use a new icon in the right-hand side widget area or a shortcut [ctrl] + [shift] + F.

Search function

Review multiple documents in a row can be achieved by both clicking on [Start processing] button or on the listed document. In a validation view, users can switch between previous and next document. The [Done] button navigates users to the next document. A checkbox allows users to finalize the current document.

Support for multiline fields

In the validation view, we have added support for multi-line fields. It enables faster validation of addresses and line item descriptions.

Multi-line fields in data capture

A shortcut shift + [Enter] adds a line break within a text field. Arrow keys, in turn, navigate between the lines.

[Tab] and shift + [Tab] navigates between the previous and next fields. Please note, that the sidebar arrows no longer navigate between fields.

Improved table navigation

The footer table area has a more reasonable default height and can be resized manually. It behaves similarly to Excel and Google sheets, arrows navigate users between the cells, and [Enter] gives a focus to a particular cell and allows its editing.

Fast navigation:
[ctrl] + [shift] + F – search within a document
shift + [Enter] – add a line break within a text field
[Tab] and shift + [Tab] – navigate between the previous and next fields
[Enter] – go to the next field that requires validation (except in table)

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