Turning Every Sales Win into a Customer Success Story

Albert Nemec, Director of Customer Experience

Delivering a positive customer experience (CX) is vital to the success of any business. Some would argue that it is the only thing that really matters. The rationale is simple. A “happy customer” is likely to become a loyal customer — one that promotes your business through word-of-mouth, an advocate for your brand, and one that can help boost future revenues. And from a sales perspective, customer retention is generally cheaper than customer acquisition, which is why building a top-notch customer service team is so important. A happy customer usually keeps coming back for more. 

These are just some of the reasons why we are doubling down on our CX efforts at Rossum. Our CX organization is a collection of different customer-facing teams with a single goal – to deliver an excellent and consistent customer experience. So, what makes our CX approach different or unique? 

Innovation Projects Need to be Grounded

One of the biggest challenges we see is how organizations try deploying cutting edge technology. Technology for its own sake won’t achieve much. We engage our customers to help clearly define business objectives that can be targeted and measured at various stages (i.e., early deployment, scaling up, optimization, etc.). At Rossum we offer a cloud-native AI-enabled document processing platform (what the industry terms intelligent document processing IDP), which sounds impressive but needs to be aligned to a customer’s business goals (i.e., time saved, reduced headcount, overall organizational efficiencies, etc.). 

Make ROI Your North Star

This misguided faith in technology arises when a return on investment (ROI) is not your north star. Organizations talk up enabling a digital transformation through automation, AI, and innovation projects all the time. Unfortunately, merely investing in new technology won’t yield the desired results. You need to put a methodology in place with strong metrics, supported by onboarding a CX team that looks to make ROI the cornerstone of any IT strategy. 

Delivering on frictionless B2B communications

Putting ROI metrics front and center needs to be coupled with a CX team that has the track record and experience to deliver on the best practices for success. Our mission at Rossum is to deliver on frictionless B2B communications, and we measure our success on the “time saved” for our customers. This metric is the proxy at the center of all our ROI discussions. 

We are obsessed with this metric and see it as the gold standard for any IDP platform. To date, Rossum can claim 45,000 hours saved per-month based on removing manual work from document processing for our customers. This number will only increase over time. It should also provide peace of mind to anyone doing business with Rossum, since it highlights an ROI that’s hard to beat. 

Creating and obsessing over a great customer experience is my only focus. Over the coming weeks and months, I will share my thoughts on how Rossum’s CX team is evolving to meet more sophisticated market demands. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at albert.nemec@rossum.ai

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