Rossum Integration (2): The SAP Rossum Connector From KCT Data

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system like SAP centralizes all your business activities and works with a solitary database. It also happens to be a major investment for a company of any size. As we explained last week, the accuracy and timeliness of the data you put into your ERP system not only determines your return on this investment, it can make or break your business.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to KCT Data, who will kick off our series of Rossum integration success stories. You will discover how their SAP Rossum Connector can help your business extract invoice data into your SAP system quickly and easily.

Rossum and SAP Integration

Made in Germany and used by enterprises all over the world, SAP has established itself as a consistent and reliable leader among ERP systems. If your business uses it, you can see the value that automated invoice data extraction can add to SAP. Rossum’s AI-powered data capture solution delivers this value, especially if you need to process thousands of invoices.  

At KCT Data, we developed the SAP Rossum Connector to facilitate Rossum integration.

KCT Data

Digital Invoice Processing

To increase efficiency, the SAP Rossum Connector integrates digital invoice processing into SAP, capturing data directly within it. This means you can use our product to extract invoice data with Rossum then automatically upload it directly to SAP.

Rossum enables KCT Data's SAP Connector to extract data from invoices automatically.

Easy Invoice Data Extraction & Validation

Once you have uploaded invoices into Rossum, the cloud-based application captures the data you wish to export to SAP. About one minute later, when extraction is complete, you can validate and, if necessary, correct captured data in Rossum’s intuitive UI, as you can see in this video: 

After you’ve validated the data, you can export it directly to SAP with one click. 

SAP Rossum Connector makes extracting data from invoices to your SAP system easy.

Next, SAP Rossum Connector automatically matches your uploaded invoices with other documents, such as orders or receipts, that already exist in your SAP system. You can either post invoices directly or send it to your SAP workflow. When you select the latter option, you can validate the invoice again then post it or return it to its sender.

You can link the SAP Rossum Connector to your current SAP workflow for invoice approval; you can also connect it to the SAP Process Orchestration system.

SAP Validation

The most critical part of the whole process is the SAP validation step. Before sending an invoice to SAP, you can validate the existence of the order, supplier, recipient of the product or service, and/or the order limit.

Easy SAP validation for a more efficient invoice management system.
Use SAP Rossum Connector for streamlined enterprise content management.

Export Both Ways

In addition to uploading extracted data from Rossum to SAP, you can also export data in the opposite direction; that is, you can upload data from invoices in SAP directly to Rossum for use in other systems your company may be using.

The SAP Rossum Connector provides two-way digital invoice processing.
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Rossum integration ensures accurate data extraction to SAP.

Streamline your Business Workflows with Rossum & SAP

The SAP Rossum Connector enables you to process your invoices with Rossum and improve the efficiency of your current workflow. Available now, this product facilitates Rossum integration into SAP, ensuring fast and precise digital invoice processing.

To learn more about how SAP Rossum Connector works, watch this short webinar (audio in Czech, with English subtitles):

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