Previewing Rossum’s Invoice Robot

We are opening a public preview of our current flagship service – automated data entry from invoices, Rossum’s Invoice Robot.

Try it out at … for free!

Our partners have been using our production API for quite some time already, and we now want to share a preview of our technology to gather feedback about the features and aspects we need to be focusing on next. At the same time, we are proud to be the only invoice extraction service that runs a public live, instant recognition demo, no signup required.

Rossum's Invoice Robot

This version of the Invoice Robot is only the beginning. Currently, US English extraction of five field types is live in the preview. Of course, much more is in the works – more fields, more countries, more robustly. Releasing support for tax fields and UK invoices (with VAT fields) are our top priority right now. For select partners, we also run a Czech invoice API that supports as much as 20 different data fields.

But it’s you, our users, who we want to listen to, and shape where we expand next. You are welcome to give our service a quick test run – and more, if it works great for you. Please let us know how you feel – tweet, email us at, or comment below.

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