Here’s What You Missed: Rossum September 2022 Product Updates

Today, intelligent document processing (IDP) is an integral technology enabling hyperautomation in processing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured content. With modern IDP solutions evolving their offerings into a broader processing market, users’ expectations of what they can accomplish with their IDP partners develop too. This is why, at Rossum, we care about how our newest releases can work in concert to expand the traditional definition of the IDP scope and transform the automation of individual high-volume repetitive document processing tasks into a single, more efficient document processing workflow.

At this live event, the attendees took a peek into what a next-gen IDP solution can do for their business. We chatted about what’s new in Rossum and showcased the latest product developments.

This time, the agenda included:

SOC 2 Type II certification and our commitment to excellence in security and privacy standards in the AI space.

With this independent audit completed, Rossum can confidently demonstrate its commitment to security, privacy, and data integrity throughout our offerings. Learn more in our SOC 2 Type II article.

Rossum UI is available in six new languages.

Rossum is expanding rapidly, and our customer base is growing more diverse. The ease of use and the simplicity of adoption are at the core of Rossum’s product. We know that seeing the application in your native language brings a lot of comfort and familiarity. To provide a better user experience, we added six new languages to the platform’s UI, on top of English and Czech.

🇩🇪 German

🇫🇷 French

🇪🇸 Spanish (Spain)

🇧🇷 Portuguese (Brazil)

🇨🇳 Chinese simplified

🇯🇵 Japanese

Learn more about supported langauges

More control over your workspace:

Suggestions for document deletions:

With this release, users can easily define the criteria for the incoming documents they want to be flagged for deletion on the validation screen. You can choose to filter out the unwanted documents at the preprocessing stage to ensure they don’t count towards your document quota.

Update to workspace management capabilities: 

Rossum admins now can: 

  • Delete queues and their content, including documents and emails
  • Move queues between workspaces
  • Purge documents in a deleted state 
  • Delete empty workspaces

The Rossum Store improvements and the combined power of extensions and integrations:

In the demo portion of the event, we showcased an example of how Rossum’s improved extensions and integrations can work in concert to bring new value to your document processing workflows. You’ll see how our enhanced value transformation extension can work jointly with data matching. This step is followed by the streamlined ERP integration for more data matching and a quick view of the Rossum Store.

Click below to watch the complete recording of the Rossum September 2022 Product Updates webinar, including a live demo and a Q&A discussion.

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