Here’s What You Missed: Rossum June 2022 Product Updates

At this live event, we chatted about what’s new in Rossum and demoed the latest product releases that ensure users have a better experience using the Rossum solution. 

This time, the agenda included:

Brand-New Communication Automation Workflow!

It’s no surprise that documents often require follow-up back to the sender. We’re launching a two-way Email Experience that allows users to fix errors and fill in the data gaps early in the process, saving time and effort.

  • New functionality includes canned email responses, a new email editor, and enhanced data validation actions that bring instant value to anyone using the product.
  • Additionally, our new built-in automation and rejection statistics tool helps users identify the automation potential of different communication patterns at no extra cost!

Streamlined Data Matching.

This improvement helps speed up and automate document validation without taking up any additional development resources.

  • Previously known as Vendor Matching, this functionality now makes it easier to set up line items matching directly in the UI. It helps further speed up document validation without taking up any development resources.

Enhanced Extension Environment Security.

Your proprietary code is safe with us! Rossum Store, our central hub for ready-made extensions, has enhanced its compliance and security.

  • Rossum platform privately stores developers’ proprietary information in extensions such as code in serverless functions or URLs in webhooks.

Click below to watch the complete recording of the Rossum June 2022 Product Updates webinar, including a live demo and a Q&A discussion.

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