Here’s What You Missed: Q3 Rossum Product Launch

Every company has different document processing needs – but we can all benefit from more comprehensive automation. What if it only took you a few clicks to enhance your Rossum document workflow and make it fit your needs?

On Thursday, September 9th, Rossum CTO and co-founder Petr Baudis unveiled the latest addition to our product: the all-new Rossum Store, which allows you to select Rossum add-ons to handle your specific document types, document exchange workflow, and integration needs”.  Rossum Store’s ready-made extensions allow companies to maximize the time to value and reduce the costs normally associated with new technology implementation.

Here are some of the highlights from our live product launch event:

  • Biggest challenges of document processing automation

“Think for a second about the most challenging aspects of automating document processing and communication in your company. Is it the time to value? Is it about complexity and the amount of coordination? Or is it about how expensive it is? All of these aspects are the reason why we built an all-in-one document gateway, designed with a zero-friction rollout”

  • Customization as the enemy of automation

“Every company is unique. Unique problems require custom solutions – and custom solutions take time to implement. So no implementation project is ever quite fast, simple, or cheap.”

  • Introducing the Rossum Store

“Rossum Store is our central hub for ready-made extensions”

  • Seeing the Rossum Store in action 

“While the traditional professional services way can take ages to implement and iterate,  with Rossum Store you can easily get the customization you need in under one hour.”

  • Announcing the Rossum Store partnership program

“Rossum Store and the entire extension environment is an open platform. We are launching a partnership program for software vendors and integrators looking to help us create a rich ecosystem of third-party vendors.”


“The entire process, from deal confirmation to app deployment in the Molson Coors infrastructure, took less than 3 days.”

“We minimized the impact on our core dev team by implementing most of the integration on Rossum’s side.”

“Rossum made our project economical because their experts took to customizing the platform as needed.”

Click here to watch the full Rossum Launch: Summer 2021 including live demo.

Want to learn more about how Rossum Store’s out-of-the-box extensions can help you save time, reduce complexity, and cut expenses? Check out our Help Center articles on how to set up different extensions and try it yourself by signing up for a free trial here!

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