5 ways to improve your Accounts Payable department

The revenue cycle is one of the most important parts of any business, and it is the accounts payable process that “greases the wheels” of an enterprise and allows it to grow and prosper.

Have you considered how your accounts payable department could be improved and made more efficient? If your business isn’t currently using technology such as AP automation, you’re leaving a major opportunity for improvement and increased efficiency on the table.

There are many different options when it comes to improving your AP department, and in this guide, we’re going to walk through a few “quick wins” and provide you with some tips you can implement into your accounts payable process today.

Improving your accounts payable department

There are several ways to improve your accounts payable department and make it more efficient over time. While it may seem daunting to change workflows or move invoicing to the cloud, taking steps to improve your accounts payable department can save your business time and money.

Eliminate paper invoicing by moving to the cloud

Paper and manual invoicing can significantly slow down your invoicing process, cost your business money, and take up a good amount of employee time. By eliminating paper invoicing and moving completely to the cloud, you can speed up how fast your accounts payable department processes invoices. This also allows your employees to approve and sign invoices remotely, giving them increased flexibility and control.

Build cash reserves in your business

Building a cash reserve in your business can never be overlooked. Since your budget includes planned costs and income, it’s always a good idea to reserve extra cash for a rainy day when your business might need it in a hurry. Weathering any potential storms by having extra cash in the bank is absolutely essential for businesses that plan to operate for years to come.

Set up payment reminders and work on calendar efficiency

Having an efficient calendar with payment reminders and scheduled events allows your accounts payable department to know exactly what’s happening at what time, and always be in the know. When communication is lackluster and calendar events or important dates aren’t communicated properly, this communication gap can lead to human error and unpleasant results with your AP workflow.

Grow your vendor relationships

Your vendor relationships are the lifeblood of your accounts payable workflow and are one of the most overlooked aspects of improving your AP efficiency. Vendors like partnering with companies that respect, help, and understand them.

By showing your vendors that you truly have their best interests in mind and are willing to work with them through thick and thin, you can give them the confidence they need to trust your business further and streamline your accounts payable workflow.

Standardize your workflows

Building processes and standardized workflows are essential if your business grows at a rapid pace. At a certain point, your employees can no longer “decide” what to do autonomously, and there must be a strict process in place for the entire accounts payable process. By having standardized workflows, you’ll ensure your business can continue scaling.

Use Rossum to implement AP Automation into your company

PYMNTS AP automation research has found that “more than 2.2 trillion B2B invoices will be exchanged by 2035”, and “89% of SMBs still process paper-based or PDF invoices.” Furthermore, “4 out of 5 accounts payable (AP) workers waste 25% of their workday clerically handling automatable tasks.”

Ready to make a change? Consider improving your AP department by eliminating paper invoicing to save time and money, building cash reserves in your business, growing relationships with your vendors, and standardizing your workflows and processes for maximum efficiency.

If your business is ready to improve your AP process even further, look at implementing AP automation into your accounts payable workflows. Contact the Rossum.ai team today to learn how your business can benefit.

Leveraging modern technology and automation can provide your business with increased efficiency, more employee flexibility, and higher growth in the future. It is a prudent step that any enterprise can take to secure its future and improve its AP workflows.

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