Rossum’s Year in Review: AI for Document Automation

As we stand on the cusp of 2024, it is a good moment to reflect on the strides Rossum has taken in the past year. Our unwavering mission remains: empowering individuals to effortlessly handle a million transactions annually. Let’s recap the improvements that have been made to the Rossum platform to get us ever closer. 

Over the course of the last twelve months, we have been focused on four key pillars: 

Disclaimer – this is a non-exhaustive list of product highlights. In the last year, we have made hundreds of small improvements across the platform to help you maximize your return on document automation – and there are a lot more coming!

AI for better document understanding

At the core of document processing lies data capture – the initial link in the automation chain and the primary defense against document-based risks such as duplicate transactions or fraud. Over the past year, Rossum has invested significantly in enhancing our AI engines, culminating in higher out-of-the-box accuracy for crucial documents like invoices and custom clearance forms.

There’s more. User experience is of utmost importance, as we want to ensure human and machine collaborate seamlessly on the platform. Remember those cool blue borders during data validation? Say hello to bounding boxes. We’ve jazzed them up to make the annotation process more intuitive, with different colors for high and low confidence fields, and quicker error handling with red bounding boxes for validation errors. 

document bounding boxes

But that’s not all when it comes to document understanding at Rossum. We threw in new field types (captured, data, and manual) to further optimize your annotation process, amped up line item accuracy, and fine-tuned recognition of region-specific numbers and dates.

Better communication & workflows around your transactional documents

Email capabilities took the spotlight this year. Guess what? Up to 12% of docs hitting your desk contain discrepancies that need to be handled by your teams. No worries, we got you covered. Now you can handle those discrepancies right in the platform, speeding up your game. And heads up, more email magic is coming your way in 2024.

We’ve also introduced approval workflows to help you speed up document review, and ensure compliance within your organization. Invoices roll in, key info gets auto-extracted, and the system does its magic against your financial rules. If it’s a green light, it hits the approver(s) inbox. One click, and it’s approved or rejected. 

Plus, we introduced an all documents dashboard, so that admins and team leaders can have a comprehensive view of their document pipeline and ensure maximum return on automation. 

Oh, and did we mention the new document attachment feature? It’s available upon request, allowing you to easily associate documents, with attachment recommendations naturally included in your document workflow.

transactional documents workflows

Key integrations into your tech stacks

While Rossum has long-standing integrations with SAP, the past year saw a significant milestone in September with our official partnership announcement, along with the certification of our integration for SAP S/4HANA. 

We’ve also activated an integration with financial management software Workday, as described in our case study with the Gym Group. As we continue to expand our integration capabilities, these developments ensure a more seamless experience for our users. More to come in the coming months!

Applications for easy platform customization

One of Rossum’s core beliefs is that our platform will adapt to you, not the other way around. You have your carefully honed processes in place, and our platform will accelerate them. This is why one of the improvements we’ve made this year is about an overall easier configuration of extensions across the platform, in addition to revamping the stack of extensions available in the Rossum Store.

  • Master Data Hub: retrieve information from your system of record and cross-reference it with the data extracted from your documents.
    Check out Master Data Hub in an interactive demo.
  • Value Mapping: map values from one field to specific, predefined values in another field.
  • Find & Replace Values: modify extracted values from documents (e.g., automatically remove unwanted characters like spaces, commas, or colons from IBAN, VAT or account numbers).
  • Numeric & Date Calculations: conduct numerical and date computations using the extracted data, such as determining the days remaining until an invoice reaches its due date.
  • Import / Export from / to SFTP / S3: here’s how, for example, to import file storage directly into Rossum. 

And that’s not it. Our more technical users have even more options to customize the platform to fit their business processes, such as crafting custom extensions in Python or NodeJS, accessing user logs from extensions, creating automation blockers, visualizing platform setup through a dependency graph and harnessing the full potential of our API with comprehensive documentation at your fingertips. 

As we dive into 2024, the Rossum squad is geared up to keep pushing boundaries. Here’s to making waves and rewriting the rule book on how documents get done! Be on the lookout for our biggest launch ever coming in February. 

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