Rossum for human resources

Learn how Rossum can help your HR department optimize processes, increase agility, and improve decision making.

In today’s economy, finding new talent and keeping it fulfilled is challenging enough as a human resources department. Attempting to do this with significant manual data entry and paperwork only makes it even more difficult. Rossum helps you automate common HR processes and paperwork streamlining your operation and letting you focus on what matters most: your people.


Optimize processes

Avoid manual work and automate manual data entry so you can free up time to focus on more important tasks.


Increase agility

Respond to candidates inquiries with confidence and create a better candidate and employee experience.


Improve decision making

Create unbiased decision processes and better ensure your organization is evaluating candidates in an objective, fair manner.

"We had a never-ending backlog, at least hundreds of documents at all times. This caused low team morale. Now, we are always able to complete our work on time."

Jana Vlkova

Head of Accounts Payable

Featured case study

Learn how Veolia leveraged Rossum to achieve almost 90% efficiency gains

Veolia, a global leader in optimized resource management, operates a shared service center serving 30 entities and over 60,000 suppliers. This level of scale created fragmentation across the SSC’s business and made achieving sustainable efficiencies difficult. To solve this Veolia chose Rossum and built a unified invoice navigation process that resulted in time saving efficiency of almost 90%. 

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