Control your document communication

Cloud-based automation does not mean losing control. We give you all the tools to manage the process – and keep improving it together.

Control and secure

Analytics and reporting

Get all the management tooling necessary to optimize your process, from global communication KPIs to employee level metrics.

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We get enterprises. We make the Rossum cloud deployment work with your requirements, from the right standards (we are ISO27001 certified and offer HIPAA compliance) to the right geography.


Security and Reliability

Rely on Rossum’s top notch engineering. Just name the security features you need for internal compliance – SSO, static IPs or VPNs, we won’t get stuck on your ITsec team approval. Our cloud service has been specifically engineered for high availability, with enterprise-grade SLAs ranging up to a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support.

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