Machine Learning Talks @Rossum

A regular community event, where authors from both academia and industry present their Machine Learning research problems and results, followed by both technical discussions and friendly encounters.

Everybody is welcome to join and actively participate.

The place will be posted here in advance – depending on the Covid situation, some meetings may be in the form of an electronic meeting.

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19th May 2022, (Thursday) from 17:00:
“Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval: Towards Text Multilinguality”

Dr. Shadi Saleh (Microsoft; PhD from UFAL MFF UK; founder of Arabic search engine Shamra)
In-person meeting takes place in GLAMI, Corso 2a, Křižíkova 148/34, 186 00, Prague 8 (Reception desk will have all the necessary information.)

Past Events:

16th March 2022, (Wednesday) from 17:00. [request recording]
“Reading Text in the Wild: Methods and Data”
Klára Janoušková
(Visual Recognition Group, FEE CTU in Prague; IBM Great Minds)

20th January 2022, (Thursday) from 17:00. [request recording] “Training Neural Networks on Non-Differentiable Losses”
Yash Patel (Visual Recognition Group, FEE CTU in Prague; Amazon Research Award)