Touchless Invoice Processing With Rossum and Gmail

Connect Rossum with Gmail to streamline AP processes.

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Rossum Integrations

Here’s why companies are connecting Rossum with Gmail

Connect Rossum with Gmail and advance towards touchless invoice processing. Using Zapier, you can easily set up a pre-built integration that recognizes emails that meet specific criteria then sends attachments to Rossum for data extraction. Eliminate tedious, error-prone manual data entry and keep invoice data easily accessible for spend analysis and auditing.

Process invoices 8x more efficiently

Replace slow, error-prone manual data entry with fast data capture that gets more accurate with use.

Automatically import documents

Rossum’s AI automatically processes invoices attached to emails that meet user-defined criteria.

Verification UI

Verify extracted data in an intuitive user interface.

Export captured data

Automatically upload extracted data from Gmail to the ERP system of your choice.

Integrations are provided by:

Gmail integration through Zapier

Zapier is a UI-based integration platform that enables you to connect ROSSUM with Gmail in a couple of minutes.

See our step-by-step Zaps guide.

Rossum Global Services team

You can count on the Rossum Global Services team to set up your integration quickly.

To get started, contact us.