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Data capture solutions: Traditional OCR vs cognitive OCR automation

Leave behind the issues of manual and template-based data capture and take advantage of a solution with high accuracy and speed, that is cost-efficient: OCR automation.

OCR automation

Companies commonly struggle when managing and organizing massive inflows of documents. Given this, business professionals often benefit from software for Optical Character Recognition, or OCR. OCR automation data extraction software falls into two categories: template-based and AI-powered. If you are wondering how to use OCR for maximum results, you need to understand the difference between these two forms.

Businesses’ central question when learning about OCR is how high levels are for OCR accuracy. While OCR tools can make significant changes in your business, it is still necessary to ensure that your OCR software helps organize and process any incoming document traffic. 

Regarding the accuracy of template-based OCR platforms, businesses that use this approach reach around 50% automation on average. This is because for each new document layout, a new template is needed and set up times are long and complicated. Companies decide to automate only big vendors and the rest is processed manually. AI-powered OCR software can process any document regardless of the layout, enabling automation rates of 90+ percent.

Given the importance of OCR, a variety of companies benefit from intelligent document processing software that profoundly understands the OCR’s meaning and purpose. For instance, data extraction and capture software like Rossum is vital to numerous business processes. Among the many purposes that Rossum’s software provides is the ability for businesses to organize and automate receiving invoices, purchasing orders, packing lists, claims, and other transactional documents.  

Your business needs the best data capture software to ensure that tricky manual processes can be streamlined and completed efficiently. With Rossum, organizations can quickly process any incoming document traffic. Rossum’s OCR software automates your business communication, allowing tasks to be completed efficiently. 

Instead of using traditional, outdated OCR software, choosing a platform like Rossum can help your organization thrive. With Rossum, your business can access an accurate cognitive data solution. By implementing Rossum’s software, your business can increase productivity while reducing the number of keystrokes required to perform a task manually. To improve time management, lower costs, increase operational efficiency, and boost your bottom line, you should invest in OCR software such as Rossum’s advanced tools.

OCR automation tool

Technical business professionals must seek the best OCR automation software to suit their unique needs. While you may find different options for an OCR automation tool by searching online, you should only consider data capture software that works well for various technical processes. For instance, you should consider software that your business currently uses. It is equally vital for you to find software with high-quality Application Program Interface (API) capabilities. The best OCR API software will use both OCR and API features to streamline communication and quickly transcribe data from one file into a new format.

OCR API software aims to parse and extract images into a text file simply. Once this extraction is completed, OCR API software converts the data and returns it to the organization in a new file format.

Given the importance of OCR API software, it is also essential for you to consider some OCR software examples before deciding on an OCR automation tool. OCR is what converts images or any written text to make it machine-readable. Converting images into text data is one of the primary reasons businesses use OCR tools. Among the many advantages of Rossum OCR software are:

  • Text recognition
  • Rapid deployment
  • Effort reduction
  • Continuous improvement
  • Extensibility.  

Best OCR software

Once you understand the importance of OCR for business operations, you should begin searching for the best OCR software that suits your organization’s needs. Not all OCR automation software solutions are built the same, so taking your time and considering the software’s features is even more essential. The best online OCR software for your business will ideally have features for each function of OCR, including:

  • Converting handwriting and handwriting recognition
  • Extracting text from images
  • Pattern-matching algorithms
  • Scanning and creating accessible documents 
  • Data extraction from various documents.

If you are seeking the best OCR software for handwriting recognition, you will want to ensure that the features of your chosen software are advanced and suited to your company’s requirements. Software like Rossum has extensive features that are sure to suit your company. For example, Rossum’s OCR software can scan a document with handwritten and printed text.

Furthermore, Rossum stands out as having some of the best OCR software because of tools like Rossum’s proprietary cognitive data capture technology. This advanced AI technology simulates how human minds comprehend structured documents and offers highly accurate data extraction. Therefore, businesses seeking the best OCR software must consider Rossum to automate and streamline OCR and eliminate manual data entry.

Online OCR software

Online OCR software is crucial to automating manual business processes like data extraction and capture. As an intelligent document processing platform, Rossum understands how crucial it is for businesses to have high-quality OCR software online. Rossum’s OCR tools can be a PDF scanner online and allow businesses to process, review, and scan PDFs successfully.

If your company seeks software specifically to understand every PDF, OCR online software is your best option. OCR tools serve various purposes for extracting data and scanning PDFs and can automate this time-consuming process. Online OCR software improves productivity in the workplace while simultaneously increasing accuracy, saving time, and reducing processing costs. OCR automation platforms like Rossum have instant effects on a business. If you select Rossum as your OCR software, your company will benefit in some of the following ways:

  • Streamlined document processing
  • Improved compliance procedures
  • Strengthened security
  • Building relationships with internal and external parties
  • Early payment discounts
  • Improved workflow planning
  • Reduction of costs associated with lost and error-ridden documents. 

Because of the wide variety of features and capabilities in Rossum’s OCR software, Rossum is one of the most valuable softwares available for businesses struggling with manual OCR practices. With AI-powered OCR, Rossum can help businesses find solutions for incoming document traffic.

OCR example

For technical professionals still navigating the ins and outs of OCR software, you will want to dig deeper and find any information about OCR tools. Looking at an OCR example is a crucial starting point for building robust knowledge of OCR. To begin, you should ask: What is OCR?

While different types of OCR are available for businesses, OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR has traditionally been practiced for capturing data from business documents. In simpler terms, OCR software is a technology that helps recognize text from a document or image. Businesses also use OCR for extracting data from time-consuming processes like pattern recognition, computerized typesetting, and handwriting.

There are two primary types of OCR: template-based OCR and AI-enabled OCR. Template-based OCR is still a popular method of capturing key data metrics. During template-based OCR, a company’s document(s) is scanned, with the document text extracted. This text is then identified and associated with the appropriate data fields using templates or text-based rules. If the document layout fits the given template perfectly, data is then successfully extracted.

Though this is the traditional way of OCR, updated AI-enabled versions often work better for modern companies. When there is more document variability, businesses will want to consider AI-enabled software like Rossum. Rossum’s cognitive AI-enabled OCR reads business documents like a human would, but with higher accuracy and lower time.

OCR in automation

As work-simplifying technologies continue advancing, more businesses are implementing automation tools to streamline their workflows. One asset that companies have turned toward is Optical Character Recognition Software or OCR software. While you may be familiar with template-based OCR, this style of OCR is often time-consuming and prone to technical errors.

Given the importance of having software for OCR, your business should start seeking software for OCR in automation. Automating your OCR processes is a significant advantage for your business and will provide new opportunities and better work quality. Platforms like Rossum help businesses implement Optical Character Recognition Machine Learning software, and Rossum’s cognitive OCR solution reads documents the same way a human would.

To begin automating your business’s OCR, Rossum’s system skims through the provided documents to build a spatial map of where all text fields are in the document. Then, Rossum’s cognitive AI system identifies which document it manages, what data is located in the text fields and how the data connects together. At the end of the process, Rossum goes character by character to extract accurate data and insights. After this process is completed, businesses will have carefully extracted highly accurate data. Rossum’s OCR features make it possible for your business to process hundreds of documents simultaneously to capture every line of data with little to no need for human validation.

Read PDF with OCR

Another benefit of Rossum’s OCR software is that it makes it easier to get OCR text into a readable format. Rossum accurately reads and captures a document’s data even when layouts change. Rossum’s AI technology is essential not only as an image-to-text converter but because its AI-enabled features can read documents like a human would without risking mistakes.

Rossum also makes it easier to read PDFs with OCR software. One of the purposes of OCR is to ensure that businesses can access documents universally regardless of the platform or file type. OCR is used as a universal program to streamline the document communication process. Because of OCR technology, PDF eventually became the standard for sending electronic documents. As opposed to having employees manually read documents and extract data, using automated OCR software is more accurate than template-based strategies. Regardless of operating systems, the best OCR software will make it easy for employees to remain efficient during their work and confidently deliver high-quality data.

OCR software like Rossum is essential for businesses that must structure their documents, and Rossum enables digitization and automation for businesses. Automating OCR with Rossum is essential because it increases your team’s efficiency and accessibility to data. Furthermore, Rossum securely protects all of your business operations, processes, and data to ensure that you can navigate OCR risk-free.

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