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You, your company, and document OCR processing

AI-powered data capture can dramatically improve business performance. Now, we are going to look at improving document processing efficiency through OCR capabilities.

Document OCR

OCR for documents is a technology that has been around since 1974 when Ray Kurzweil started a company that offered an OCR product that could read printed text. OCR’s full form is Optical Character Recognition and is a technology that can digitize printed text, making it easier for businesses to extract data from the documents they receive. OCR technology has constantly been changing as advancements in areas like Artificial Intelligence have made it possible to improve currently existing OCR products. 

In the department that handles Document Processing tasks, businesses may receive physical or digital documents with printed or scanned text that cannot be extracted easily. When this occurs, a company can either hire an employee to manually read and extract the data from the documents or utilize a document OCR product. Commonly, OCR technology is used to extract text from image files. An OCR image-to-text converter tool can be a helpful way to make data extraction from these files more efficient. 

There are many ways to copy text from image files. An online OCR image-to-text tool like Convertio can act as a jpg-to-text converter. This tool is easy to use and free but may not be helpful if a business needs to convert large quantities of image or document files. When looking for a simple image-to-text converter, Google has a tutorial that teaches you how to convert PDF or image files into digitally readable text using Google Drive. 

An image-to-text translator can be beneficial for businesses that need to extract data from images or documents. While online OCR tools are an option, an AI-powered, centralized OCR platform can be more effective for companies. Rossum is a tool that does not just extract data from these files. It can automatically enter the data into the corresponding fields in the business program used by the company, which means that both data extraction and data entry become automated processes.

OCR online

OCR technology used to require its own machine to exist, as was the case with Kurzweil’s reading machine. Today, it is possible to download OCR software from online sources as well as to use OCR online websites to convert images into digital text. Many of these sites are also PDF OCR online tools, meaning that if the data that needs to be extracted is locked inside a scanned PDF, you can use the OCR tool to export the text from that document and from the image files. 

OCR software includes the Smart OCR online website, which offers downloadable software that can read documents and convert them into editable text. However, the website that this software is located on is not secure. Companies interested in OCR online Google tools can utilize the Google Cloud Vision API product to read and convert text from images into editable text. 

The best online OCR tool is one that can become a part of the Document Processing department. A comprehensive OCR platform, like Rossum, that uses Artificial Intelligence to continually improve itself and can extract text from images and documents 6x faster than manual document processing is an example of what to look for in the best online OCR tool.

OCR converter

OCR software comes in many forms. One of the most common ways these programs and websites work is as an image-to-text converter. These simple and easy-to-use tools can convert image files such as .jpg and .png into editable text files such as .txt and .doc. To use an image-to-text converter online, you must upload the image file onto the website, and then the site will process the document. When it is finished, you can download the text document and use it for data entry processes. 

Some OCR converter online tools can convert a picture to text in Word. This means that if you have an image file containing photographed or scanned text, the tool can read it and export it as an editable Microsoft Word document. This can be a very useful tool for businesses that use Word documents for document processing. If your company uses another business program, an OCR converter like Rossum that can automatically export data into the correct fields in the business program may be a better choice. Rather than just automating one piece of the document processing puzzle by using an OCR converter, companies that use a platform like Rossum can automate almost every task in that department.


With the PDF file being the most common file format used on the web, businesses will likely work with these files often in their Document Processing departments. Finding an OCR PDF tool that will work for your business’s needs can be complicated. OCR PDF, meaning the technology that can read text from scanned PDF files, is available in software form, online websites, and coding libraries. OCR PDF online tools are designed to make it easy for individuals to extract text from PDF files but may not be capable of extracting text from large quantities of these files. 

If you know of an OCR online tool that can convert image files into text, but you are starting with a PDF file, it may be necessary to find an OCR PDF to jpg converter tool. This process would mean that you convert the PDF file into an image file so that it can then be converted into editable text. Because this adds more processes before reaching the final result, some businesses use an open-source OCR PDF coding library instead. With some basic coding knowledge, these coding libraries can be used to export text from PDF files into digitally readable formats.

OCR PDF to Word

For individuals and businesses alike, the question of knowing how to convert PDF to Word without losing formatting is common. The easiest way is through an OCR PDF to Word software or tool. Some of these tools, such as free online websites, may not be able to convert the document with the correct formatting. This is why OCR to Word software with AI capabilities is better for this process.

Converting these PDF to Word editable documents can be done through the iLovePDF to Word converter website. A popular online tool, iLovePDF, can convert scanned PDF to editable PDF documents in a few steps. A platform such as Rossum that can read the text in PDF or image files and convert it into any file format required is more useful to businesses that handle a variety of documents. Whether your company needs to extract text from a scanned PDF file and import it into an ERP software or it needs to export the text as raw data, Rossum’s AI-powered platform can help.

Scanned PDF to Word

Converting a scanned PDF to Word with the right formatting is a process that requires a high level of OCR accuracy. Many simple OCR websites may be able to convert a PDF file to a Word document, but ensuring that the text and data are formatted correctly can require additional manual effort. Two methods for performing this task through Google are the Google OCR online tutorial that involves the use of Google Drive and Cloud Vision API, which developers can use to create OCR capabilities in applications. Both options would result in additional processes to export the text into a Word document.

The best online OCR tools can convert scanned PDF files to Word documents, but without AI, they may not have the proper formatting. This is why OCR software developed with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies can more accurately convert PDF files into Word documents. A tool that converts PDF text into an editable Word file that is not formatted perfectly simply creates more work for employees.

Optical Character Recognition online

Optical Character Recognition is a relatively recent invention, but the improvements made over time have proved that it is an extremely useful technology for businesses. Knowing what is OCR in computer programming can be helpful if a business intends to create or develop its own OCR application using code. Likewise, if you know what is OCR in PDF, it can be easier to find the right software or website for your business. In accounting, this technology can be used to process invoices, which is why the security of a business’s site or software is very important.

The OCR meaning in accounting is seen in various reports that have been done on the subject. For instance, in studies performed by AIIM, Due, and Rossum, the average cost to process an invoice manually is $13, with template-based OCR tools $4, and with AI-powered OCR software <$1. Optical Character Recognition online tools may be useful for certain circumstances, but OCR software may be a better choice for businesses. An Optical Character Recognition example like Rossum can demonstrate how an OCR software that uses Artificial Intelligence is more efficient than traditional, manual methods and is a great investment for companies.

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